Friday, 29 October 2010

Kent International Manston Airport Ramsgate Night Flights Meeting Videos

Videos of parts of Monday’s meeting about night flights have started to appear on youtube and I have put them below.

Sorry the blog seems to have changed colour, I tried to make it a bit wider to fit the videos in and will sort it out later.

With the night flights, well in fact the airport in general, I am not making much in the way of comments at the moment as I am still looking at the information.

The main problem being that most of the data has been produced on behalf of Infratil and some of it just doesn’t make sense to me.


  1. Yes, you are right. MOst of the data produced by Infratil does not make sense.

  2. At least the Labour Party are completely apposed to Night Flight and have now logged their disaproval of it being put through.
    Laura Sandys has also voiced her objection to Night Flights and a few Tory councillors has also joined the main group.
    Really can't see the rest of Tory Party following suite, as all they seem to do is, what they want to do, not what the people ask them to do, this is why next election day they are going to be very unhappy.

  3. Can not understand anyone avoiding the issues of, DB's that are far above the recognised acceptance, pollution which is at dangerous levels, Air quality again above the accepted level,lies about hundreds of jobs, didn't we hear all this before for China Gateway.
    Does this Council really think we are that thick, that we will take just about everything they throw at us. I really belive people are turning around and saying we have had enough.
    We do not want Night Flights, we want to live without all the pollution, noise and upheavel in our lives, we want peace, quiet and a healthy place to live, is this too much to ask?

  4. The real problem is that Thanet is still inhabited by Neanderthals who have no concept of the modern world. Every time I read the local paper and see a letter by one of them, harking back to the time when the USAF was at Manston, my heart sinks. Some people would build a nuclear waste dump in the heart of the Isle if it would create half a dozen minimum wage jobs.

    Thanet's regeneration is being held back by people, who think they can bully others into accepting unlimited noise and pollution. No decent companies, or professional people are going to locate to an area ruled by Neanderthals.

    Of course, it wouldn't be so much of a problem if the local press stopped giving them so much space to air their nasty little views. Is a good reason why the local press would do something which damages the area's prospects.

  5. Who`s who on the front stage? I can just make out the Mayor.

    B K


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