Friday, 1 October 2010

Ramsgate Slipways Development Update

First the amazing boards that were presumably made of the development’s new construction material and that changed colour, rather like a DJs trousers in 1971 have gone.

See if you missed them.

Speculation as to why has so far eluded me. Were they stolen? Seems unlikely. Did the developer remove them and if so why?

Any ideas on this one greatly appreciated.

A three dimensional animation of the development has now appeared, see below.

I should point out that this animation has been produced by the developer to promote the development and not by people opposed to it.

The Ramsgate Society’s website is where I got it from, the trouble here is that you need a special program installed on your computer to view it, this is great on the duel processor 200 gig ram computer that I am using at the moment, but not so funny if you are using an old computer trying to run a newer operating system, like my ancient laptop that I tried to use to view it with last night.

This is the same as the council’s huge pdf files in as much as they are open to everybody rather in the same way that the Ritz is.
The image on the Ramsgate Society’s site is much cleaner than the one I put on youtube see

If you can’t view the animation on The Ramsgate society’s and decide to install software to do so, be careful of the tick boxes along the way, especially the one that asks you if you want it to be the default program for viewing video files.

And as I said if your computer is old and struggling I would give it a miss altogether.


  1. I like the tonic type of metal sheets. They may have been removed and sent over to Margate for the art museum.

  2. Not metal Don, when I was about 13 and couldn’t afford marine ply I made a dingy out of a material called oil tempered hardboard, it was very cheap, even now it is about £1.05 for an 8ft x 4ft sheet, the material that the boards were made out of looked like this.

  3. Sounds about right for something connected with tdc.After refusing to spend any money on the arches for 10 years they now think it is a good idea to apply for european money to do them up.

  4. Marvellous material, first is changes colour with the light then it dissappears altogether, will it work like than on the building?

  5. Perhaps we could arrange for the council offices to be coverered then perhaps tdc will disappear.

  6. With tide heights rising in the future we come back to why build a Turner centre in such proximaty to the sea perhaps they think it will be a white elephant and does not matter if it is swamped in a few years time still it makes work for constuction companies and feathers other nests of people whom we will never know


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