Thursday, 25 October 2012

Day off Ramble, the new exhibition at The Turner Contemporary and me trying to improve this blog.

 Margate today and first the Platform Program in The Clore Learning Studio (the large room at the top of the stairs with the huge window overlooking the sea)
 The bumph about this new exhibition is on the gallery’s website at
 The idea here is to showcase the work of art students sudying in East Kent
 I am struggling a bit I have to admit to get a lot more in the way of images and video into my blog posts.
 the idea being to give a bit more for the people who read this blog a lot.
 I am using an art gallery posting as these seem to generate the least interest on the blog
 fewest comments and the lowest number of visits.
 fortunately photography is allowed int this exhibition and i used the camera in my mobile phone.
I also added this very short video panning around the exhibition.

 these small low definition videos made whit a mobile phone are very quich to upload and i think ideal for blogging.

 Personally I am not yet sure what to make of this exhibition, as I have said before I am a slow thinker when it comes to art, or something that could be art.
 so I am reserving any aesthetic opinion here, probably until I get a chance to go back to Margate and look at it again.
 I did have another look at the Alex Katz exhibition but unfortunately photography isn't allowed in the exhibition.
anyway a bit of an experimental theme to today's post.

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