Friday, 5 October 2012

Wind up the week ramble

My day off yesterday, this mostly consists of going around the area buying interesting books for my secondhand bookshop in Ramsgate.

I had to go to Lovelys in Northdown Road for a tube of paint, white gouache (pronounced either goo ash or gwash, depending on everything from inverted snobbery to outright ignorance. It is just the name for opaque watercolour, i.e. water based paint that you can’t see through)

The problem with watercolour paint is you can’t easily paint a light colour over a dark one, of course gouache should solve this being opaque, although in practice it seems to be best to paint the sky area white and then add the blue around it.
Still in Northdown Road where Albion Bookshop seems to have reopend for its final fling selling off the remains of the stock at three books for £1.
Apart from the Hospice Bookshop in the old bank there are several other people having goes at bookshops in Margate, including one in the basement of the Smiths Court Hotel.

A pot of tea for two in the hotel’s very civilised surroundings was £1.50.

My star buy of the day was a first edition Currer Bell, couple of indicators here, one being that he also wrote Jane Eyre, it didn’t do for women to write books in the1850s so if silly little things wanted to be taken seriously, they used male pseudonyms, also if a book is a first edition then it will invariably be advertised as a new title in the publishers catalogue, which is almost always in the back of the book.

Lunch at The Hoy, courtesy of Miss Bronte or Mrs Nicholls or Mr Bell, life was a tad complicated for victorian authoresses, The Turner no longer do the steak sarni, unfortunately the view in The Hoy is not so good.

Cardys seem to be making much more progress with their hotel in Margate High Street than they do with The Royal Sands in Ramsgate, the latest there is the developer still hasn’t come up with the documents showing that he has found the finance to complete it.
I will try to ramble on here if I get time.    
I have just bought The Isle of Thanet Gazette and note that Smudger, pictured, says that Cllr Simon Moores will be stripping off for one of Peter Cecksfield’s photo shoots, photos to appear on page three of Simon’s online version of The Thanet Times while Simon says on Thanet Life that the editor of The Isle of Thanet Gazette will also be appearing in one of Peter’s nude photo shots in front of The Turner Contemporary see

The question in both cases is, will it be?

or will it be?
I may be able to solve the problem by producing an artistic mock up of both of them.

Sticking with  eh gallery I guess this is the time to remind everyone that the new exhibitions both of pictures by Alex Katz and pictures by other artists chosen by Alex Katz, opens tomorrow. I am hoping that this will be the kats pyjamas, I have only ever seen reproductions of his work before, don’t really know if I like it or not, so seeing the real thing is something I am looking forward to. 


  1. Not sure what Dr Simon Technology is up to with these urls - they both seem to land on the same page. All seems a bit pointless, or maybe it's more to do with point scoring !

    1. I enjoyed the irony in his criticism of journalists' grammar. Until Dr Moores' computer has a punctuation-checker, as well as a spell-checker, he would be well advised to keep his head below the parapet.

  2. Plenty of available like .net,.org,,.biz,.info, .co, and all these plus and .com going for www.thanet-times. If you are going to tie up a domain name you need to tie them all up.

  3. Maybe the sister of the ill-fated Thanet Times should be registering these domains otherwise they will fall one by one or lay dormant covered in layers of dust!

    Regarding our dear Doctor he has simply set a redirect so the address points to his own blog, standard since the dwan of the internet.


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