Saturday, 27 October 2012

Thanet schools and the learning curve

 Sorry this blog went a bit wrong and the previous post appeared twice while the feeds on the other local blogs read test post, I think I pushed blogger to the limit with a mixture of posting the gcse results tables and trying to persuade the blogger editor that my mobile phone was actually an ordinary computer and not a phone at all.

Anyway I think I have sorted things out now but have to put some sort of post up to see if it is all working ok. I certainly had a bit of a learning curve there in terms of putting tables into blogger.
 I guess I can only thank the Thanet secondary schools for improving my computing skills, if you ever have occasion to put Excel tables into blogger you need to paste them into Word first and then copy them from Word into the blogger editor.

If you want to con the blogger editor that your Android smartphone is actually an ordinary computer so you paste into the blogger editor and import photos from your Picasa account into your posts then Chrome is the best browser.

You can link the whole thing up by signing up to Google plus and having the Google Plus app on your phone, this means that when your phone gets a wifi connection it automatically uploads the high definition photos you have taken with your phone to your Picasa account. 
 All this probably sounds like gibberish to most people but means that I can now do complex blog posts with fully expandable images and text with the spelling checked albeit by an American very quickly from my phone.

Apologies for what is a test post containing the sort of technical information that most people don’t want to know about.  
Well it seems to have worked, there is now more than one post on this page and the blog is feeding this post to the other blogs. If there is a moral then I guess it's don't make your blog learn tables. 

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