Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Trickle Tweet a midweek ramble

Two new magazines in the bookshop today as you can see from the picture.

Frankly as secondhand booksellers with the only new publication part of our stock being local books, we don’t aspire to large volume sales when a new book or periodical comes out.
What I do however try to achieve with local mags is having a stock of previous issues, which is much more in keeping with the role of a secondhand bookshop.

I notice that we have now run out of back issues of Thanet Watch and will have to order some more.

I also noticed once again it is councillor Ian Driver taking the council to task over long term failures, in the new edition of Thanet Watch he says he is getting the Audit Commission to investigate the Royal Sands development on the Pleasurama site in Ramsgate. This does beg the question of where the Conservative opposition figure in all of this and why it isn’t them talking to the audit commission.

Webwise there seems to be a bit of a north south divide amongst the local Conservatives with Thanet South getting to grips with the internet, see and Thanet North Conservatives lost in hyperspace, see

In my own way I have started to try and grapple with Twitter, however the various blogger gadgets that are supposed to show your tweets on the sidebar of the blog don’t seem to work.

Lunchtime, not many photos as it was too cold to hang about for longer than I had a handful of baguette. As you see a new taxi office in King Street Ramsgate but this replaces a real shop selling mind body and spirit stuff, presumably crystal balls are now bought online.

Pumpkins are still available on the town as presumably they would be difficult to post.

Back at work and this book with enclosed floppy disk is apparently worth selling on Amazon

 Whereas in the shop Windows 98 for Dummies isn't selling for 5p and will most likely go for paper pulp.

I will ramble on here as the day progresses.   

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