Monday, 29 June 2020

Do you recognise these Thanet events answers perhaps

 do you recognise this event?

 the photos above and below are of the same event
 When and where was this event? I will put the answers up in the next post

 Ramsgate's maritime heritage has had a bit of a bumpy ride

 I was particularly annoyed when the heritage pontoons closed

this is a difficult event to name, I don't think I would have got it


This is the cafe in the middle of the main sands

 I think the most notable part of this photo is that you can see right through the old railway station that later became Pleasurama

The Cutter Emanuel in the foreground and The Sundowner in the background.

 I think the Manston Airport freight hud decision is due by the 10th of next month here is the link to the official document announcing the date.

 Apparently TDC are moving Ramsgate Market to Pier Yard

Is this about TDC not understanding Ramsgate or not wanting Ramsgate to compete with Margate,  parking revenues.

The only really viable solutions are, market in Staffordshire St car park and no traffic on Harbour Parade so people can maintain social distancing when the cafe culture opens.

The alternative being an increased mortality rate and possible local lockdowns.

Perhaps it's a UK thing see today's BBC article

If you have persevered this far down the blog, do you know what this is the entrance to?

the sea across the harbour this evening, sorry not very steady, should have take a tripod

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