Saturday, 19 December 2009

Whiteout in Ramsgate pictures

A few pictures from today, the polar bears are in Ramsgate garden centre, nice displays, I think the snow had meant that water got into their wiring as the power kept going off.

Click on the link for the pictures


  1. I like the Polar Bears and the green house, Its very cold here today I wouldn't be surprised to see real Polar Bears now its snowing again.

  2. If you full screen the picture of the vine house it is possible to make out faces of varying sizes peering I'm quite sober honest unless Sainsburys coffee has an added ingredient.
    Anyway thankyou for posting the pictures.

  3. Pat M, I too have to concur, having only had coffee and toast for breakfast, unless there is ergot in the Aldi bread or something in Nescafé too, I have checked the high definition image file and this wasn’t the camera that needs cleaning either. The only question I can think of is weird or wyrd? Perhaps this is one to send to ECR to add to the pictures of people who have been seeing stuff in people’s dinners recently.


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