Monday 14 December 2009

Thanet District Council’s information technology; my worst experience yet.

I thought I would have a go at responding to the Local Development Framework Core Strategy
So toddled of the TDC website having tried to follow some of the information at not being much of a fan of online forms I decided to download the comments form and email it to them by going to

Grrrr you can’t write on the form with the computer so I tried converting it into a document that you can write on. I have published it on the web for anyone that wants to comment at just copy the form on the webpage paste it into a Word document fill out the form and email it to TDC.


  1. Yes I agree. I fought my way until the end. Did not seem to have a send button so copied it and e-mailed it to them. Seems a typical TDC consultation set to confuse everyone. I think the Campaign for Plain English would have a field day with this.

  2. This is so important. I think you need to inform them if there is a problem. I agree it's a rubbish system and people will be put off commenting which is presumably what they want.

  3. There are plenty of decent council web sites around. Its very easy to find decent ones. Maybe TDC should have a look around. I just wonder whether these coucils pay top dollar for their IT staff or services, are led by very able senior staff or have just been plain lucky with their IT. Top dollar does not always deliver success.

  4. I tried to download a performance report from one of their committees the other day. Wondered why it was taking a while and then realised it was a 40mb PDF. Get a grip TDC.

  5. Ramsgate supporterDecember 15, 2009 7:59 am

    As usual Michael you've hit the nail on the head - TDC are making it virtually impossible to comment on their report online so that they can say later that they only had a few objections. Poppycock. Due to the pre-Christmas post I suggest we all go over there and deliver them together personally at Cecil St on Thursday or Friday.Why should they be the only ones to benefit from a photo opportunity?? I shall work on my reply this afternoon.


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