Friday, 4 December 2009

Dane Valley By-election results

First congratulations to Sandra Hart see

Something I noticed here was the enormous swing away from the Conservatives, they got 50% of the vote in the Dane Valley ward in the 2007 local elections and this has now been reduced to 24% in yesterday’s by-election.

Could it be that local people are waking up to the idea that although it may say Conservative on the box, what you get when you open it can be something else?

I wonder if our local Conservative Cabinet will look at the message from the voters here, it is certainly a very large swing to Labour at a time when I don’t feel that the electorate at large are so decisively in favour of Labour policy.

The figures for the 2007 local elections are Con 50% Lab 43% and Grey 7% see

For yesterdays by-election Lab 34% Lib 28% Con 24% and Ind 14%.

So while this was a disastrous result for the Conservatives it wasn’t so good for Labour either, in as much as they lost 9% of their vote.


  1. hopefully it might send a message Michael to Ezekiel how out of touch he and his cronies are with the Thanet electorate, they are perceived as a party just out for their own ends and not the public service that they should be standing for!

  2. I think the victory, in no small part, owes something to blogging power in Thanet.

    Tony Flaig at the helm on this one. Forcing the by election.

    Is the Mayor, Ted Watt Ruffell, an employee of the ex Dane Valley Cllr Broadhurst ?

    The Mayor has his problems now with RSPCA and is not answering which way he voted in 97/98 when Margate Charter Trustees ended funding of the pseudo cadet group Kent Adventure Training Corps.

    meanwhile former Thanet youth makes its mark on the world stage

  3. Just to add. That was blogging power of identifiable people. The anonymous blogger, however skilled at wordsmithing, will only ever be the Punchinello, the ECR, providing amusement for the crowd on the touchline.

  4. thats true Rick ECR has no balls

  5. Well done Sandra Hart - long time no see! Ben Kelly.

  6. Seems like Richard Card thinks fame is more important than content when blogging. Personally I can't see what difference a name makes.

    Where does Punchinello fit in? Is that a bit of skilled tangential wordsmithing for the amusement of the crowd on the touchline!

  7. PUNCHinello is a clear reference to ECR's association with the poor man's version of Punch ... Private Eye ?

    I think Rick's point is well made. The achievements of bloggers have been by named bloggers. Thor aquifer contamination exposed. Sericol aquifer contamination exposed. Manston aquifer contamination dangers. Former Pleasurama site safety concerns. Dane Valley By Election. Aquifer health consequences inquiry raised with Kent Health Protection Unit.

    Rick, Rick, Michael, Michael, Tony and Rick respectively.


  8. Was it the name or the comment that made the difference?

  9. Anonymous 20:18

    If you're defending named blogging why are you anonymous?

  10. What a pathetic shower you lot are. The truth is that I am the only person on this pissy little island who has the contacts and know-how to get national coverage for your 'stories'. So you need me more than I need you.

    I will now deliberately and annoyingly waft my sweaty and not insubstantial gonads in your general direction.

  11. I haven't finished yet!

    When a 'named' Margate blogger got a mildly threatening letter from a mere press officer at Kent TV, he sh*t his britches and ran to me for help. I duly sorted it out for him.

    Recently I got a much more serious threat from a top City law firm on behalf of a 'ferry' company. And I'm still here.

    Marvel at the the size of my testicles, people!

  12. A lot of your comment are off subject. What lessons can be learnt from this election? The message is that voters will not tolerate a party that alowwsan elected member to show little repect for the voters. I think that tory supporters stayed away, and many labour defected to the libdems or independant. Now if this was repeated at the next general election then many MP's will loose their support and might as well stand down. No chance though


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