Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Royal Sands Development cliff façade weeded and other Ramsgate pictures from a morning walk.

There has been a certain amount of activity on the eastcliff here in Ramsgate that makes me think someone at the council has been reading this blog.

One thing I noticed when I went for my walk this morning is that the vegetation has gone from the cliff façade and someone has taken out some blocks to investigate what is causing the bulge.

There is still nothing to prevent heavy vehicles from going up onto the cliff above near the edge, something that concerns me considerably.

Nor are there any signs of investigation of the foundations that should be supporting the structure.

The hoardings have been repaired behind the Granville too I posted about them the other day and I suspect this may not be entirely coincidental.

So first thank you to whoever is looking at some of my concerns, it is a pity that they are not a bit more forthcoming about what they are going to do, as I could then get off of their backs and we could all get on with our jobs.

Here are the first lot of pictures about 100 I started just after dawn the sunrise was rather good http://www.michaelsbookshop.com/blogpicts129/

Here are the next lot about 100 they start off a bit wobbly as I was taking one of my children to school so was snapping away one handed http://www.michaelsbookshop.com/blogpicts129/id3.htm


  1. Nice capture of the Gas works I like the way you did that! One handed Michael we shall have to call you whence forth. The blocks could have been taken out by Cardies they are the ones who will be responsible when it all falls down. I hope their insurers read your blog.

  2. Hi Don Cardy’s are not the contractor or the consulting engineering firm for the cliff façade work and I don’t think they are implicated in this mess in any way.

    One of my main concerns here is that Cardy’s are a reputable firm and that they may pull out leaving room for a much less reputable firm that may be prepared to build something much more dangerous than Cardy’s would.

    Glad you are enjoying the pictures and I hope you will be getting out soon and taking some more of your own for us all to enjoy.

  3. Michael, your series of pictures showing plants growing where they oughta not be (was it bird droppings given as the reason?) has clearly caused embarrassment, as has your pictures of bulges and cracks. I sincerely hope that whoever it is, who is now having a closer look at how £1,000,000 of tax-payers money was spent, is making sure that remedial steps by contractor are a little more than cosmetic.

    When certain parties accuse blogs and bloggers of stirring up trouble etc, it is often because they do not like shortcomings being exposed.
    It is my experience that when you shine the bright light of the sun into those muddy shaded areas in the slime and sediment at the bottom of the pond, all sorts of creatures start running around.

    Keep up the good work. I hope the 'foundations' will also keep up, until the lack of them is rectified properly.

  4. I reckon the blocks fell out!

  5. Naaa

    It was the fire that done it mister.

    Cooked the chalk behind the concrete blocks? Now what happens when chalk gets heated. Opening this area up is not a good idea at all!!!

  6. Oh no. Heat chalk and it releases carbon dioxide while forming quicklime. Removing the bricks will have let all that CO2 out adding to the greenhouse gasses.

    Seriously though, I would have liked to see the close up photos of the chalk face taken through the new observation hole.

  7. So would I mate. This a class A screw up by TDC!!!

    This site was supposed to give us the residents of Ramsgate a new swimming pool?

    Someone at TDC ought to start doing their job or go - and damn fast.

  8. Bertie it is a bit hard to work out what is going on here, altogether it is a very time consuming business as it is extremely hard to get them to say what it is they are going to do about the various problems with the cliff façade.

    Four metres seems a bit too close for comfort to a large residential development, particularly as the report says that the façade isn’t designed to support the cliff, so in essence it will be an unsupported chalk cliff in dubious condition that close to a large residential development.

    16.41 I really don’t have any idea on that one as I don’t know how hot it got or how far the heat got into the chalk, I should think it is a petty unusual situation and it would difficult to find a similar situation to compare it to, I will ask around.

    17.53 there is a much bigger hole today and I have put a better photo up on today’s post, hopefully there will be more to follow.

    10.23 I have never found out what the council thought was wrong with the firm that wanted to build the development with the swimming pool, my guess is they thought Whitbread’s would be the best bet and when they pulled out the council were left with an absentee developer that appears to have never actually built anything.


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