Sunday 13 December 2009

Sunday Ramble.

First thanks to one of my readers who sent me these pictures of the cliff repairs with the comment that there seems to be a gap between the concrete and the chalk.

He said he had a chat with the chaps down there and they didn’t seem to be that worried about the state of the cliff, he didn’t seem so sure.

The question I am asking is would I like to have an apartment in a building 4 metres from this? I don’t think there is that much I can say about the pictures, apart from are they intending a proper job here or hurriedly covering up the defects? Oh and are they going to knock it down to the bottom of just start building on this bit that seems to have no foundations? Perhaps if they stick it to the chalk cliff with concrete it won't slide down.

Does anyone know when this bit of the cliff façade was built the report says the drawings at TDC says after 1956 the TDC press release says late 1930s?

It looks to me like post was austerity construction, certainly nothing like the quality of Augusta Stairs built in 1957.

The Christmas decorations are going up in the bookshop, something my children are doing with a certain amount of festive enthusiasm.

I will ramble on as the day progresses I expect.

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