Wednesday 16 December 2009

Thanet district Council consultation or catastrophe? And TDCTV launch.

Having had some feed back from people having difficulty responding to the council’s core strategy consultation I have made it quick and easy to respond even using an antique computer, here’s how to do it.

1 Open a new Word document.

2 Click on this link select and copy the whole web page that appears.

3 Paste it into the Word document, this may take a little time as it is a complex document.

4 Fill in part 1 (the bit with the red writing) this is just your contact details.

5 Save the document somewhere on your computer where you can find it easily.

6 Attach it to an email and send it to

Several people I know tried to respond using the TDC website, no one actually succeeded without considerable difficulty, some tried to use the form there that you can’t actually write on, some tried to log on at the TDC website at and failed, some got as far as filling out the form only to find no send button at the end.

What am I commenting on?

Click on this link to read the whole document the links on the right of the page enable you to navigate from page to page.

Why use the Ramsgate Society response?

1 It has been prepared by trained architects and written by a solicitor.

2 Although the Ramsgate Society have put a lot of time and effort into this one their submission only counts as one response, every individual that sends it in again will be counted as another response.

What if I don’t like or agree with the Ramsgate Society response?

When you get to step 4 you can modify the Word document before you send it.

Now on to other things some of you may remember that back in May 2008 I started encouraging the council to put videos of the council meetings on the internet, see after nearly a year of this encouragement I started to make some progress, see and now the first video of a council meeting will be available on the internet later this week, see

I should like to express my thanks to all of the councillors and council officers who have made this possible.

Here are the pictures from yesterday’s and this morning’s walk nothing very exciting and not that many, it was very cold so I didn’t hang about that much.

I am still pursuing the cliff safety issues that relate to the Pleasurama development, the council and their professional advisors have decided to do this one the hard way with me, so for the council this has now reached local government ombudsman level and for the advisors presiding director of the parent company level.

As you see from the pictures there is still nothing to prevent heavy vehicles going up on to the cliff top there, even right near the edge where they have hacked a lump of the cliff façade out.

I am considering a campaign to get the councillors and council officers to start using hats that we can identify them more easily by again, hence the picture above.

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