Friday, 12 March 2010

Granville Marina Restaurant Ramsgate planning appeal

This is a bit of a complicated one with various links to follow but very important to the development of the Eastern Undercliff in Ramsgate, thanks to Gerald for alerting me to the situation.

First the link to the Planning Inspectorates decision allowing the development that the council turned down:

This link takes you to the planning inspectors decision to award costs against the council.

It only goes to show what you can get away with when it comes to listed buildings.

The links below take you some of my previous posts about the matter.

More pictures of the demolition.


  1. A sensible outcome I think. Why am I not surprised our Council couldn't arrive at the same conclusions.

  2. It seems to me that by demolishing part of the building and thereby creating an eyesore, and making difficult the comparison of what was there before, the developer has got away with it. The Appeal decision states it is better to have something built than allow it to be a derelict sight for years to come! That TDC did not get of their backsides and chase the developer for monies owed is disappointing, as is the reported lack of information not forthcoming by TDC in the Appeals process. Especially as costs awarded will be wasted taxpayers money. Win, win for the developer.

  3. A piece of our heritage was destroyed as TDC stood by and then the developer wins the appeal and costs. Thats that then.
    For my part I am glad that TDC turned down the application and forced the developer to appeal even if it costs the tax-payer. It's an odd situation where the reason for a listed building being demolished in the first place is irrelevant to subsequent decisions. If the building was demolished without TDC approval was an offence committed and should not a prosecution have followed with a restoration order? All too late now and lets hope the building is built quickly and another Thanet eyesore tidied up.

  4. It would've saved them time & money if they went down the more traditional Thanet route & burnt the place down.

  5. I have to say I loved the last anonymous entry! Perhaps the reason it didn't get burnt down was in this case houses adjoin and it is likely people as well as property would have been harmed!

    There are some very important issues surrounding this whole saga that were never addressed by TDC and need to be aired. I will endeavour to write these up and post at a later date. The most important is the possible undermining of the structure over several months by the owners (experienced builders/developers), and utter refusal to shore it up and safeguard the listed building when the destabilisation (large cracks) became apparent. A refusal that went on for SIX months prior to the (illegal?) demolition!
    Curiously this same firm of builders have been employed to restore the Grade 2 Custom House......


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