Saturday, 21 August 2010

Albion House Ramsgate, Cash in Your Attic?

Many thanks to one of my readers who sent me pictures of chairs and other furniture from Albion House going off to auction in Canterbury.


  1. It would have been nice if our local authority had told us and given us a chance to purchase something of ours. But such a procedure probably doesn't exist in the rule book, and would require a degree of imagination and itelligence. Enough said, I think!

  2. 13.54 I really think this about a total lack of understanding, I spend a great deal of my life trying to help people who have a genuine interest in their town, there is no profit in for them or for me, apart from adding parts to the jigsaw that is our history.

    I genuinely think that we are dealing with people here who would find it incomprehensible that anyone would want to own something just because it formed part of the history of their town.

  3. I think it is because it isn't their town or isle, they communte in from sevenoaks, maidstone,rochester chatham etc and don't actually think of the people who live here. Jobsworths to the core and to put it bluntly not giving a tuppeny damn to those who chose to live here. [ And probably hoping that they are upseting the Ramsgate town council in the process]

  4. Surely it was Ramsgate Town Council who created the opportunity for this raid on the town's 'treasures' by vacating Albion House in the first place. Could hardly expect the number crunchers in the finance department to pass up such an opportunity to realise some additional revenue.

    As the representatives of the people of Ramsgate they should have ensured anything worthy of retention or of specific antique value was either moved to the Customs House or advertised locally for postal bids first.

    Much as one likes to blame TDC or its officers for everything, this is one issue where the RTC should have engaged forward thinking and protected the interests of the town.


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