Saturday, 14 August 2010

Monster Bass, Jazz, Funfair, Flooding, Photos, it’s all happening in Ramsgate today

Some thoughts on today’s lunchtime photos.

We had a minor rain shower today, not like the serious ones that flood the cellars of the businesses in the town centre or turn King Street outside my bookshop into a river.

Some of you may remember my posts

and so on.
I think there is just the possibility that the council’s actions i.e. capping of the surface water pipe that was draining into the harbour may have contributed to the surface water draining into the cellars in Harbour Parade.

The fish restaurant in this picture is called Atlantis, possibly this was tempting fate.

How very kind of Margate Town Partnership to put on this event for us.

I did wonder who had broken into the Pleasurama site until I saw the diving suit, I don’t normally mention this sort of thing, but as it is now obvious, good padlock but the gate just lifts off.

Southern Water were much in evidence today, one way and another

As was Atlantis.

The mayor and mayoress Dave and Liz Green got the full camera treatment see the rest of the pictures.

Proud Seahorse is one of the Jazz venues see

Click on the links below for the rest of the pictures

There will be more to come.
More pictures at it was a long shop day today, we did manage to get out for a bit at the end and before the next shower.

Looking at the pictures, it is pretty obvious that putting the fence along the shoreline didn’t work, I wonder what happened when they found out.

The children’s pedal cars on the roundabout must be pretty old, they don’t make toys that strong nowadays.

The amount of police and security guards at the monster bass, wantsum jazz is really quite amazing as this was about six in the evening the likelihood of some sort major security problem seemed unlikely.

This is very strange as later in the evening when groups of people who are often very drunk make their way to the takeaways up my end of King Street, there is usually no police presence.

Perhaps antisocial behaviour is deemed to more acceptable in other parts of the town.
We were hoping to eat in Age and Son or Eddie Gilberts but both were fully booked, so got a takeaway at The New Hong Kong in King Street, £17 always good value.


  1. Re: gate to pleasurama site.

    Assuming that the developers were willing to allow their site to be used for parking, I would have thought it would be easier if they had loaned out a gate key for the weekend.

  2. Gerald the whole place was swarming with police, council employed security guards and council officers, I believe in this situation they would see themselves as above minor laws like trespass. I have to admit that if I didn’t have the responsibilities of young children and the bookshop, I would occasionally try a little civil disobedience just to see what happened.

    This isn’t to do with belligerence so much as curiosity about what happens when an area succumbs to something other than just an ordinary level of policing within the constraints of the ordinary law.

    I do now have a complete copy of the 199 year lease and the council do have some rights of access, but lifting off the gate when they feel like going on site doesn’t appear to one.


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