Thursday, 7 October 2010

Is Thanet District Council prepared to put out lives at risk?

Of all of the strange situations that I have found myself in dealing with the council, this one I think takes the biscuit, and I have now made an official complaint about it.

On Monday I pointed out to them that there was a bit of lose masonry hanging about forty feet over people’s heads, well it’s Thursday and when I looked earlier today it was still there.

No warning sign no barriers, just hanging over a place where anyone can walk, anyone’s children play, it is just plain potty.

Hi this is a complaint relating to public safety and as such could you please deal with it expediently, please quote this reference in any reply Pleasurama complaint 71010.

The following is background to impress on you the urgency of this situation.

On 27th September 2010 I emailed the council’s engineer, chief of development services, chief executive, the officer dealing with the development and the leader of the council expressing concerns about the safety of the Pleasurama cliff.

On the same day I telephoned the HSE about the same issue, particularly with reference to the construction workers now working beneath the cliff.

On the 29th September 2010 the HSE telephoned me and told me, that they had contacted the council and that the chief of development services had assured them that there were no safety issues relating to the cliff.

During last weekend part of the cliff large enough to kill or seriously injure someone below, I would estimate that this cliff wall masonry weighed about 50 kilos fell from a height of about 15 metres, partly into the construction site and partly onto the public highway.

This has left further loose masonry hanging above where the building site joins the public highway.

On the following Monday 4th October 2010 I discussed this with the council’s engineer and was assured that some sort of action would be taken to make the site and public highway safe.

Not the proper and thorough examination of the cliff that I requested, but measures to remove the lose bits and or cordon off the area below them.

I have just visited the site and while the loose masonry is still hanging there no measures have been taken to protect the public.

I wish to complain that the council has taken no action in this instance to protect public safety and has failed in its duty of care.


  1. Michael, try walking the 'Jurrasic Coast Path' as long as you know you are at risk you will be carefull. Get a life

  2. Does 13-38s comment excuse council officer, lieing to the HSE?

  3. Anon 13.38, the Jurastic Coast Path comes with a few warnings including:
    •Always stay away from the cliffs.
    •Do not climb the cliffs. Rock falls can happen at any time.
    •Beware of landslides and mudflows, especially during or after wet weather.

    What safety notices are in place along the Ramsgate Cliffs?

  4. One of your fansOctober 07, 2010 2:05 pm

    You are quite right Michael - even though sometimesyou might seem to be a one-man-crusade for sanity I believe in you and i am sure I'm not alone. One day you will be proved right and god help the poor perosn who is standing under the cliff when it happens.

  5. 13:38....I wonder what cllr that is?

    Ben K

  6. Whereas some other councils might over-react?

  7. Anon 13.38

    Visit Ramsgate Bring your own hard hat ?

    You are a drivelling idiot.

  8. To anon 13:38,

    You should spell the word 'careful' with just one 'l'. Similarly, you have misspelt 'Jurrasic'(sic)the word has only one 'R' & two 'Ss'.

    You have advised Michael to get a life. Of course it is for Michael to decide whether or not to obey your rather curious instruction; but I would advise Michael not to get a life from the same place that you got yours.

    All that aside, your comments have been an immense contribution to the debate on this subject.

  9. 13.38 I think you have hit the nail on the head, “as long as you know the risk.”

    This is area with full public access adjacent to Augusta Stairs a main access to Ramsgate’s main leisure beach, it has the appearance of being safe access for children, a public pedestrian stairway arriving at the end of the road where there in virtually no traffic.

    I would say every child in Ramsgate has counted these steps on numerous occasions and may well stop to investigate the area at the bottom of them.

    There is no signage saying that lumps of masonry may fall on you and kill you, this is not a bare chalk cliff and was once the perimeter of a funfair.

    One of my fans. You do appreciate that a lump of cement big enough to kill someone fell of it here over the weekend and the remainder has come away from the bricks and is hanging there loose.

    Fortunately there wasn’t a poor person standing under the cliff when it did happen

  10. COUNCIL - buries its head in the sand.
    HSE - asks council can you see anything wrong.
    COUNCIL - replies can see anything wrong here!.

    Couldn't make it up could you.!!!

  11. Friend of RamsgateOctober 08, 2010 7:19 am

    Asking another authority to comment shifts the responsibility, at least until they answer. Meanwhile, you keep receiving the salary based on responsibilities. Nice work if you can get it!

    SOMEONE IS PAID TO BE RESPONSIBLE and therefore should be held to account for what has already happened, bearing in mind the amount of money already spent in this area.

    To get to the root of the problem we should examine the Council's structure, and remove the flakey bits before they kill someone. Then maybe we won't have to worry about the cliff, the flood risks, etc. etc.

  12. Oh this ones good - and is a remake of the Albion House safety issues (get a life commentator take notes).

    Member of pubic observed bits of the Albion House balcony on footpath.

    Member of public diligently asks HSE to do something HSE obliges by phoning TDC who say nothing is wrong.

    Months later to expedite the sale of Albion House netting is produced on Health and Safety grounds.

    TDC is not only incompetent its an utterly useless and a deceitful, dishcloth organisation.

  13. In regards to HSE and TDC - what about the war tunnel system which is increasingly becoming flooded (as seen in recent photos)?

    What happened with that 'smuggling tunnel' collapse under Broadstairs which took a few houses and part of the road with it last year.... ?

  14. Friend of Ramsgate. If you examine the Council's structure and remove the flaky bits there will be no-one left in Cecil Street.


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