Thursday, 20 October 2011

Ramsgate Beach Cross, and What’s on in Thanet.

Ramsgate Beach Cross is this weekend, 22nd 23rd October and will be the second year for the annual event at the Kent seaside town.

2011 is no different with the bars, restaurants and shops looking forward to receiving the extra visitors, riders and crews from across the UK and Europe.

Racers from all over mainland Europe will be competing with from riders from throughout the UK.

The weekend is an individual event but also doubles up as rounds five and six of the BXUK (British Beach Cross Championship) endorsed by the MCF.

The course will once again be set out on the dry beach, without standing water. Spectator viewing from the promenade which sweeps past the course and round to the marina where the fun fair will be located.

Here are the pictures of last year’s event

Viewing the council’s websites you could be forgiven for thinking there is no such event, try and find it on the council funded leisure site even knowing that it is on and browsing upcoming events at I had a job.

The various events in Margate seem to have caused a bit of a whiteout on the site. Silly me I thought that this was the main event this weekend.

How one gets across to the council that promoting Thanet events on the internet needs doing properly and in a way that major events are visible to people who would come here for the day and spend their money, I just don’t know.

If you are a Thanet council taxpayer you are paying for the council to provide this service, so you may wish to ask the council about it. If I get time I will try again.  


  1. Michael I have given up with TDC and I have stopped promoting stuff like I used to. Ijust promote family Thanet stuff now .

  2. Who is exactly is in charge of the TDC website? Last Thursday the live export protest group won the vote for the e-petition address to be put on the website, yet one week later....nothing. When Cllr Bayford had his tantrum about them protesting outside the Turner warehouse his comments were published on the site the next day. A bit biased is it not.

  3. And this blog site isn't biased when it comes to councillor bashing is it??

  4. Not by Michael it isn't (nor by me).

  5. Did I touch a nerve Counc...sorry Anon 1300. Councillors deserve what they get when they make stupid remarks. How many of them will be stand up and condemn whats happened in the last 24 hours with the last shipment of animals? I expect the silence will be deafening.


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