Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Art Installation Animal Export Protest as The Turner Contemporary Margate gets Rodin’s Kiss.

I couldn't find a picture of Rodin turning up with his sculpture The Kiss so I have done a quick sketch.
I know the repositioning of the hand is an old joke in the art world, I am sorry I couldn’t resist it.

A bit of an overreaction from TDC I thought to about twenty people engaged in a peaceful protest, see http://thanetpress.blogspot.com/2011/10/statement-on-live-animal-export-protest.html

I think the leaders comments that it is ok to protest in Ramsgate but not in Margate in case it effects business are open to some unfortunate interpretations. 

Here is some video footage of the protest


  1. They should've put naked (or semi-naked) people in the cage, it would've made far more impact than that lame looking stuffed toy.

  2. They say all publicity is good publicity and the protest actually made me aware that the Kiss was coming today, so I think it's a win win situation for Turner and the protesters.

    Although personally not an active animal rights supporter I've got to say well done to the protesters for some creative thinking, something which should go down well with the art community too!

  3. Did you see Cllr Bayford in the background during the live piece from the opening of The Marlowe in Canterbury on BBC South East last night ? He suddenly noticed the camera, nudged the woman with him to look and then made "rabbit ears" with his fingers over her head - what an idiot ! No wonder TDC is in the state it is with him as leader.

  4. Anonymous at 09:14,

    I did not see it. But Be fair for after all these people are just local government politicians and, consequently, tend to get over excited at at events such as these. Perhaps some of the councillors were tired and emotional.

  5. A rather wobbly, distorted and out of focus video with barely audible scratchy sound. We have seen much better coming out of the Arab Spring that were captured on mobile phones in the middle of a street battle.

  6. welcome to the art world mr bayford! the installation No 1 was no more or less a work of art than those staged by the likes of Yoko Ono,Javacheff Christo Gilbert and Georgeand Allen Ginsberg,you want art in Thanet you better start learning to DEAL WITH IT !


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