Saturday, 1 October 2011

Pinch and a punch it’s the first of the month

Here is the link to the site referral statistics for this blog as I have said before it is the nearest I can get to a popularity chart for the local blogs.

My own statistics say that this site has had 7,742 Visits, 4,153 Absolute Unique Visitors and 12,136 Pageviews in the last month. Bloggers own statistics, which is what the counter on the sidebar is linked to, are much more optimistic putting the Pageviews in the last month at 19,944.

Much of the traffic that comes here comes from other sites and I will be reviewing the links on this blog and removing some of the sites that don’t link back to this site.  

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  1. I see TDc council speak is up to its usual standard. from the harbours website :"Provide staff training and information to staff that regularly update and improve the environmental standards."

    Does this mean they are only going to train staff who regularly update, or are they only going to train staff who recycle.

    the mind boggles who many people do the employ to copy and paste these so called policies.
    There must be some savings to be had there.


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