Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Thanet District Council Launches New What’s on Website

I have to admit that this came as a surprise to me, here is the link http://www.warmingwords.org.uk/

What with their other “what’s on” websites not functioning as perhaps one would hope, I don’t really know what to make of this one or why the council would be funding another website on the subject.

The computer coding of the website says; "Immediacy .NET CMS - Licensed To : Thanet District Council" the contact details on the site are those of our tourist information centre and the email address has a TDC extension.

Strangely it doesn’t seem to have any key words apart from “Reading, Warming Words” so I don’t think it would be easy for a search engine to locate.

One wonders where the money came from for this project or what it hopes to achieve.

The other totally crazy local events site is http://communityportal.thanet.gov.uk/events/ this one appears to be part funded by TDC and part by the EU.

Words fail me a bit on this one, so I will add to this post later.  


  1. Another half-baked idea from KCC. I thought they were meant to be strapped for cash and laying people off.

  2. "Through the Warming Words programme and working with many individuals and organisations, we all aim to offer; inviting, creative and stimulating events based on literacy, across the towns and villages of Thanet, for our residents and also our visitors."

    I think they are appealing to our intellect.

  3. Personally I would like one comprehensive what's on/ events website to be operated by the Council, which could then be searched by key words/categories if you have special interests. I've got a fairly wide spectrum of interests so although some of the events on Warming Words look interesting it's a bit of a pain to have yet another website to check to see what's happening in Thanet. Presumably there must also be additional costs from duplication of effort, website hosting fees etc at a time when public money is supposed to be tight.

    As per previous comments by others on this blog I would agree that the other websites don't work very well to say the least.

  4. Without keywords on this web site its as good as useless.
    But Michael if you tag on "do-you-remember-when.aspx" to the site address you will find a page about old photos of Thanet that KCC libraries have and intend to show.
    (cant see any way of getting to this page other than google for warming words and KCC).

    If promoting literacy is its aim then Thanet's residents dont suffer from the lack of books. According to KM Margate's residents are hanging on to 1345 library books and Ramsgate's residents 900, placing the towns at no 1 and 3 in the county for overdue books.

  5. I don't think I wish to be taught literacy by someone who writes "as the month's progress". That's just one of several errors on this asinine website, for which we are paying.

  6. Thank you for pointing this website out.

    Good point from 22:51. Maybe those responsible should attend one of the reading and writing courses that are being promoted on the site! On second thoughts, the public purse would probably have to pay for that too!

  7. To anonymous at 22:51,

    "I don't think I wish to be taught literacy by someone who writes "as the month's progress". That's just one of several errors on this asinine website, for which we are paying.

    25 October 2011 22:51"

    You are spot on. I could not agree more. But I fear that you are shouting at the wind.

  8. I have received a friendly and helpful reply from Visitor Information about the rogue apostrophe on Warming Words. It seems that the organisers had already spotted the error, and that the website editors were in the progress of correcting it.


  9. That's a start, John. Perhaps their next task might be removing the rogue comma in the first sentence and checking the rest of the page to see if they can spot the missing question marks. Hang on - aren't THEY supposed to be teaching US?

  10. Anonymous at 22:20,

    They need taking to task. One of the replies that I received from the organisers attempted a superior tone.
    Could you have a go at them this time? They need to be made to realise that they cannot get away with sloppy drafting.

  11. I fear, John, that teaching English to whoever is behind this inexcusable website would be like trying to teach juggling to Captain Hook.


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