Sunday, 24 May 2015

A few Ramsgate and Medway Queen photos and a bit of a ramble.

Photos first

 It’s been a busy week in my bookshop and very nice to have the bank holiday break now. News wise we did get woken up by the earthquake which seems to have been caused by seismic activity ten miles under Pegwell Bay. Having checked the vibration wasn’t caused by drunks breaking the shop window downstairs I went back to sleep and dreamt of the legendry island of Lomea vaguely wondering if it was a earthquake that did for it.

The flack is starting to fly on the new UKIP councillors front and their ill advised use of social media.

Apart from Cllr Bertie Braidwood a quick look at facebook and twitter suggests there are at least another five who have like some dubious site or another.  

I may ramble on here

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  1. I am sure you're right that Councillor Braidwood won't be alone; he has a certain Conservative Councillor from Deal for company as a starter. What is equally distasteful is the indignation claimed by Councillor Bayford. His reaction is in sharp contrast to his, and his fellow Conservatives', initial silence over the now infamous "AIDS" phone message left by Councillor Gregory, and the allegedly racist joke circulated by the (then) Conservative Councillor Latchford. I somehow doubt that Bayford is really bothered about what Braidwood has posted, but is more interested in political point-scoring. Politicians of all Parties will probably behave similarly, and it is only when they stop this hypocrisy that the electorate may begin to view them less negatively.


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