Friday, 29 May 2015

A painting of Tesco Extra from Sainsbury’s at Westwood Cross Thanet and some thoughts.

Here is the painting of Tesco’s

and here the photo for any budding art critics.

An ocean of coloured gravel seems to be developing between Sainsbury’s and WC, with my children shopping in the one and me painting in the other I wondered if they would ever make it back.

Anyway in the end they were guided back by the Belisha Beacons.

Strangely there has been no sign on the pwc report on Manston due by the end of the month; perhaps they are working on it over the weekend.

Mamas and Papas are the latest shop to announce they are leaving the increasingly Titanic WC, perhaps given a little more time I may get a better view while the members of the fairer sex in my family engage in shopping. 

A new site has appeared which is endeavouring to get some idea of the proportion of people for and against the airport, vote at and results at  I should point out there that having voted you get an email that you have to click on to confirm your vote. In some cases this email takes several hours to appear of winds up in your spam folder.  
From a blogging point of view it's pretty much a case of no nes is good news today, I will endeavor to ramble on here if i think of anything else to say 

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