Sunday, 4 April 2010

A few pictures of Ramsgate Harbour and an Easter rabbit.

Walking around the harbour this morning it occurred to me that one of the main blights on the harbour is the number of empty, disused, misused and or ill maintained council properties.

I can’t help wondering if something hasn’t gone badly wrong in the council’s estates department, coincidentally two important organisations seem to be likely to leave the harbour because the council won’t give them security of tenure.

In the case of Marlec Marine see this seems to be a case of the councils estates department playing a silly game of waving the rulebook, instead of supporting an important local business.

Security of tenure also seems to be the problem with the maritime museum.
It makes one wonder what the situation is with The Eagle Café and some of the other empty buildings and badly used land around the harbour.

One of the largest council owned structures there is the arches something that by its very nature it is difficult to determine how many of them are disused of in a bad state of repair.

Here is the link to the pictures

A quick glance at the local news feeds revealed that The Monster Raving Loony Party is looking for candidates to stand as candidates in both of the Thanet constituencies see I had thought that I might stand in Thanet South, however as there seems to a possibility of getting elected I don’t think I will.


  1. Nice one Michael I am suffering sore fingers after replying on ECR blog have a good day off for Dinner at daughters bye DON

  2. If there are no or only tennants on short contracts in the harbour buildings it will be a lot easier to flog the lot to a developer.

  3. Lovely Sunny Easter Day in Ramsgate! The varied architecture and the boats are inspiring. I wonder why the Blue plaque on Iceland has the Big Wheel on it. Hope we (islanders) get one of those back. People loved to moan about it getting stuck!

  4. Finally got here Don glad you liked the pictures.

    16.23 Could be, I am beginning to wonder if there is any plan at work in the council or just a lot of interdepartmental wrangling damaging the harbour and eastcliff areas.

    22.17 it would be nice but I wouldn’t hold your breath on that one.

  5. I would rather see someone usign these buildings rather than no one. How can it be beneficial to have empty buildings?

    The same goes for the empty shops in our high streets. It is contagious and if they are not filled then we will keep seeing businesses deciding to leave Thanet.


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