Saturday, 3 April 2010

Ramsgate food for thought

A busy day in the bookshop today, once again Ramsgate is becoming a destination for Londoners and this seems to be to do with the diversity and quality of the Restaurants and the new café culture. Virtually every week there is something in the national press, this is the most recent I could find from Country Life for the most part these Londoners seem to come down, as they have since about 1800, to recover from life in the capital and most of them seem to enjoy what they find here.

The secondhand book world is inclined to bring up peculiar historical anomalies, the book pictured above, was published in 1942 while we were fighting a war and it does indeed seem to explain in great detail how anyone can make explosives out of common ingredients.

It says inside “FOR THE FORCES. Leave this book at a Post Office when you have read it so that the men and women in the Services may enjoy it too.”

One is reminded that we are fighting a war at the moment and building a whole new set of historical anomalies.

Delving through news about Kent on the internet I noticed that much is being made of the differences in reporting a sex attack in Aylesford with some speculation that the BBC is taking an extreme slant towards multiculturalism, here is the BBC article and here same thing as reported by the Daily Mail various other media sources are reporting it with slight variations. The Daly Mail article was the most detailed I could find.

Both of these anomalies made me wonder if we are a somewhat gullible people and if we are how I feel about the idea.

Another bit of local news is that John Kampfner is the new head of the Turner Contemporary, I have great hopes that he will improve the situation there.

Oh and Katherine Kerswell has been confirmed as the new chief of KCC on four thousand pounds a week see nice work if you can get it.

I will may ramble on depending on how busy the shop is.


  1. I'll have a copy of the book please Michael to booby trap my Easter eggs from the kids. Drastic I know but I dont get out much nowadays

  2. When 20+ 'asylum seekers' masquerading as 16/17 year olds are placed in local schools, is there not a child protection issue involved?

  3. Nice to see a busy Ramsgate on Saturday, but with the car parks full, wardens checking displayed tickets, and cars waiting to pay to park...I wonder where they can go to ensure a space and for free(oh dear).

  4. Sorry Don I am keeping it for my own library, there are plenty of copies available on Amazon though.

    23.57 It certainly raises a few difficult issues.

    22.13 It’s mostly down to all of the on street parking that has been removed in the town centre, probably down to elf and safety, but the biggest problem for those of us actually trying to trade in town


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