Saturday, 18 July 2015

Sketching in Whitstable, some books for my bookshop, a crack at painting The Clockhouse in Ramsgate, some books for my bookshop and some thought s on Manston and historic aircraft.

I went to Whitstable today and started with a coffee in Elliott's Cafe in Harbour Street, the likenesses of the people were not so bad but as I seemed to be drawing rather large noses, so I ran away.

On to Whitstable Harbour where I drew a boat going down hill, which amused a small boy.

I went and bought some books for my bookshop

Got a map of Whitstable Alleys

Had another go at drawing Whitstable Harbour with a felt tip pen on a bit of A4, During which I talked to a couple of senior ladies, who had middle class Kentish accents, something which has all but died out. There will soon never be 'County' again, where this county can be identified, I don't hail from Kent, but still find this sad.

I then went off to watch the dingy sailing, light wind, so I resisted yelling tack or gybe, well mostly gybe, on several occasions.

I started to sketch the action in watercolour but time was beginning to run out

so I went back to Elliott's Cafe in Harbour Street and put some people in the watercolour painting that I did there the other day.

Some pictures of wartime aircraft next

Yes to historic aircraft museums, yes to a special runway there, but absolutely no, to a cpo for an airfreight only hub there, that we can't fly from.

When Ramsgate Clockhouse was first designed it was only going to have single story bits on the sides.

Oh and this is a rough preliminary sketch, for what I hope will be my next Ramsgate Painting

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