Thursday, 16 July 2015

Painting of the harbour master's office in Broadstairs from Broadstairs Pavilion, Morrison’s in Ramsgate closes and I go to A&E at QEQM Hospital.

One of the issues that should be considered for the senior roller skater, is that on putting on reading glasses to operate a smart phone while skating, means the floor of the roller rink changes place and becomes all blurry. On previous skating occasions I had neither smart phone nor reading glasses, so this was a novel experience to me, which lead to me twisting my ankle.

By yesterday morning, my ankle looking something like a melon and certainly unsuitable for driving a car, I took the bus to QEQM casualty department to have it x-rayed, sketching Ramsgate Clock House while the bus stopped at the harbour.

The wait for triage was mercifully short, probably because of my arriving early in the day, so only a quick sketch of the casualty waiting area.  

The x-ray showed no major damage, this is a sketch of where I waited while it was processed, the patient in the chair on the right, not shown as after sketching the one on the left, I was asked not to sketch the patients – to protect patient confidentially, something I hadn't considered.

My thanks here to the staff at QEQM, for the excellent treatment I received. 

Sketching on moving busses is a bit of an acquired art, which I started to develop on the way back to Ramsgate.

Not being particularly ambulant today, I sat on the sundeck of Broadstairs Pavilion, where I began, this pen and watercolour sketch, looking towards the harbour master's office in Broadstairs.

some photos for aspiring art critics, which should expand if clicked on compulsively.

Morrison’s in Ramsgate have closed, something I guess I predicted when they opened in November 2013
Finally, I wrote this blog post in the garden and this is a picture of a cat who came to help me write the post, he did the thinking and I did the writing. He must have an owner (someone he owns), but I don't know who they are. He has been giving me singing lessons, very helpful as I have never been able to sing.
The cat has now written the words out, he is that sort of cat.

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