Friday, 3 July 2015

The Big Manston Airport – Stone Hill Park debate and my early morning painting of Ramsgate progresses

First the Painting of Ramsgate from The Oak Hotel Looking towards The Royal Temple Yacht Club. If you have been following this one you will have seen that it is progressing from the top left to the bottom right of the A4 sheet, probably to be terminated by a seagull movement just before it’s finished.

The difficult bits this morning were the writing on the sign as you can’t paint light on dark with watercolour, so I had to paint on the writing in white and orange and then paint the black round it and painting on the scaffolding poles, one slip and no more painting.

Picture for art critics here.

The is a very active Manston debate with nearly 1,000 comments on facebook, click on the link to view it and oh I am so glad that I have managed to reduce the amount of comment on this blog, administering this sort of debate I something of a nightmare. 

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