Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Pleasurama update, TDC draft accounts and more progress with the painting of Ramsgate

First the pen and watercolour sketch of Ramsgate, which is coming along and is probably nearing completion.

The problem now is where next. I need to be able to sit on a comfortable chair with a coffee, from about 6am to about 9am, with a view in front of me, not too much likelihood of a van or lorry getting in the way, and the sun not in my eyes. This is actually much more difficult than you would imagine and I considering buying a clapped out campervan, so I can park make coffee and see over parked cars.

The Pleasurama development is mentioned in the newly published TDC draft accounts, (thanks Dave) here is the link to them

This is what it says about the development:

"Royal Sands
The development agreement dated 2006 (and amended 2009) between the Council and developer SFP Ventures(UK) Ltd became the subject of legal dispute and as such the parties entered into a dispute resolution situation supported by independent legal advisors. This process led to the parties agreeing a new agreement for sale of the site, with the company SFP Ventures (UK) Ltd being bought out by Cardy Construction, but with the Council retaining performance monitoring and an Option agreement to purchase the site back should the owner trigger an event of default. The contracts for sale exchanged in March 2015, with completion to happen once the Council has undertaken some works which will commence in July 2015, completion is expected in early October 2015, after which the receipt achieved will be reported."  

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