Saturday, 11 March 2017

A few old Ramsgate pictures and spot the difference with the Watercolour painting inside Canterbury Cathedral.

First the old pictures of Ramsgate

 I guess from the cars that this is Ramsgate Sands in the 1960s
 This is the Prince of Wales visit to Ramsgate in 1926
 this is Ramsgate promotion 1911
 I guess this is Ramsgate East Pier before 1910 as the Granville Tower hasnt been lowered
 this is getting small tree out of the 1860 cliff facade in Ramsgate 

I have been doing some more to my watercolour paining of the inside of Canterbury Cathedral from under Bell Harry Tower, sorry it’s a bit of a spot the difference that probably doesn’t interest most readers, but if I don’t record it online I will never be able to find it again.
I’ve mostly been working on this bit today. Apart from a bit of red and blue for the windows the paint is all Naples Yellow (a bit like magnolia in house paint) ivory black (which is a euphemism for burnt ground bones) and zinc white.

I have discovered that a proper artist would use better colours, I took advice and my big paintbox.   
This contains lots of paints I never use, but some I ought to, the little one in the foreground contains the ones I actually use - becase it fits in my pocket.
in practice there was only room fo me and the little one 
This is what they call a reference shot, I think and theae are progress photos
and this a photograph inside the cathedral

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