Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Wantsum Thanet Island Maps

 I think this first map of Thanet was an attempt made about 300 years ago to portray Thanet as an island around 600 years ago
 This map of Thanet was made for Thomas Elmham's Historia Monasterii S Augustini Cantuariensis click here to read it, I was done in around 1400 when people had no idea how to draw maps, Thanet was probably still an island and the book is written in latin.
 This map was published in the early 1800s and while it wasn't intended to be a map of Thanet as an island, all of the low ground is shaded so it gives you some idea of what shape Thanet may have been.
This one was drawn by me a few years ago when I knew less about local history than I think I do now, if I drew it now I would put in the Stonar Spit which is a sandbank running south of Ebbsfleet that had the town of Stonar on the end of it.

Update from the rolls of 1392:- Commission of oyer and terminer to Arnald Savage, William Rikill, William Makenade, Nicholas atte Crouche, Stephen Bettenham, William Elys, William Berton and William Titecombe, on information that inhabitants of the isle of Thanet having lands and houses therein are continually leaving it, and that the turreted walls both upon and below the cliff of the island, as well as certain dykes formerly constructed there for defence against hostile attacks, are weak and in ruins, while divers persons who are bound to repair the causeways of the ferry on either side of the water of Serre and to find and maintain boats and other vessels for the passage and carriage of men and animals have long neglected to do so. They are to examine the condition of the island in all these respects and enquire who are bound to find boats and vessels, repair the causeways and walls and cleanse the dykes, and compel them thereto and to stay in the island or find others in their place for its defence.

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