Thursday, 9 March 2017

Some Thanet pictures and a minor ramble

Here are the local pictures, all Thanet ones the I sell and have the 1822 map of Ramsgate on the wall in my bookshop and I think if you want to be able to read the street names on it you would need to come in and browse away at it as I can’t publish it big enough on the internet.

I went bookbuying in Herne Bay and Margate today, so a fair amount of new stock to put out including a fair amount of Kent topography books.

The picture of The New Baths at Margate id from Ireland, see well worth a brows too.

Ireland is most famous for producing fake Shakespeares of his own authorship and trying to sell them for lage amounts of money. Known at the time as Shakespeare Ireland, his history of Kent was slated by the critics when first published. “Irelands history of Kent is a miserable performance, with pretensions to being a county history……….he does not appear to have visited the county…….” In those days before libel laws literary criticism was somewhat more robust than it is today

The Tenet [Thanet] picture was first published in Lewis also worth a browse but obviously dated from much earlier than the early 1700s.

I don’t think the others need an explanation but feel free to comment and I will endeavour to reply. 

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