Friday, 10 March 2017

Boys and girls and their toys in books and Thanet history related to sheds.

One of the most famous carpentry books is Peter Nicholson’s “
Practical Carpentry, Joinery and Cabinet-Making; Being a New and Complete System of Lines for the Use of Workmen…” you can buy modern reprints of this book from about £10 and scruffy pre 1900 copies from around £40 with anything all there and in one piece starting from around £80.

Anyway I bought a copy of this book, a fairly early edition from 1835, so why is it published anonymously, is it possible he was ashamed about spending sop much time in his shed?   We have another, later 1847 copy of the same book which has his name on the title page.

Here in the bookshop we have a large section of books which could be loosely described as armchair shed reading, people sidle and buy books to read when their partners insist the come into the house.

Shed books are quite a big thing in the bookshop

On the Thanet shed front 

 This is Pugin's shed which unfortunately collapsed and fell into the sea but used to be at the bottom of The Grange's garden
 Some types of boat can be loosely thought of a portable sheds with a large focus on the engine room
 Advanced shed work at Manson
 JWM Turner Pained this shed in Margate
Spending too much time in the shed results in...

Here are the books that went out today

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