Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Pictures of Thanet and Sarre Mill, Bacon in Kent, what more could you want? A picture of Ramsgate today.

Some Ramsgate and Broadstairs pictures and some of Sarre Mill, not strictly Thanet but something local I have watched go though through the process of dilapidation, restoration and now back again.
This is Ramsgate today
and this I suppose 100 years ago, give or take

I think these pictures date from 2011

From the perspective of a secondhand bookseller – which in my case can be thought of as a book collector where book collecting got out of hand – and a collector of books relating to East Kent topography, you can tell a lot about other book collectors by how they say things.

Mispronunciation is something I often see as a good sign in people, as it generally means they have read the word but not heard it, so if you collect topography books do you say bi-decker or bay-decker.

One of Karl Ludwig Johannes Baedeker aspirants was George Washington Bacon, who having gone bust in the US of A became a successful mapmaker in London, but his guidebook to England and Wales isn’t very common.

Not good pictures, I will try harder another time, the Kent bit is – as you see too short.

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