Sunday, 12 March 2017

Ramsgate a Complete Holiday Resort 1912, Super Flumina Babylonis, starting a watercolour of Canterbury Cathedral Chapter House

So first a featured Ramsgate guide for 1912, the best bet with these old guides, is to come into my bookshop (not on Sunday’s or Thursday’s when the shop is closed) and give them a thorough browsing. If you can’t then here is the link to buy online

Here are some sample pages from the guide

I spent a fair chunk of the day in Canterbury Cathedral, mind you my soul could do with a good old polish and although I am familiar with psalm 137 By the Rivers of Babylon, having Palestrina’s setting sung in latin has got me sorted for the secular week ahead. Like the bookshops and many other local facilities I would say Canterbury Cathedral will soon fall into the use it or loose it bracket. 

Today is the first day this year that the chapter house there has been open and warm enough to paint in, it’s the ceiling don’t you know.

I started and went at it for about an hour until the light went

 design 800 years ago means the most superior looking seat has the best view for sketching.

as you see, a long way to go

Here, for dedicated followers, is the link to the books that went on shelves in my bookshop on Saturday

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