Sunday, 5 March 2017

Mortality in Thanet history photos and Canterbury Cathedral paintings

I wonder how many people can identify these rather morbid local pictures

Anyway it’s the first Sunday in lent and I was off god bothering and then painting in Canterbury Cathedral

I did a bit more to my picture from under Ben Harry tower and seemed to have mastered painting fine lines on this paper as I managed to get some sense of leaded glass into it.

After this I played with another sketch in the chancel this time the 20p shows you I have only done a little bit on what is a fairly large bit of A2 paper.

After all of this I went off to Chocolate Café and started a sketch of the inside of that, painting some of the people in if I get a chance I will go back and finish it off.

If you can paint a recognisable likeness of a person this is a tricky business and you have to be careful not to make people look ugly, mind you I think Canterbury Cathedral is a bit vain too, it feels like it wants to be painted and I think if I don’t make it look ok there may be a thunderbolt.

All round a bit of a memento mori type of kidney today

Bookshop wise here are the books that went out yesterday

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