Thursday, 19 November 2009

Morning Walk and a couple of hundred pictures of Ramsgate.

More slash and burn publishing to the web from the laptop via Wi Fi straight from the camera, one lot between dawn and taking the children to school and another lot afterwards.

A few points for onlookers work seems to be going on at the port in preparation for Euroferries.

The back of the Granville is very dangerous the boards around this deserted building site with plans for a ghastly modern building there is totally unsympathetic to its surroundings, have blown down leaving a great pit for anyone to fall into.

Here are the links to the pictures
they are going up automatically as I type so but will all be viable soon I hope.


  1. Another source says the booths are for TEF ..... did you see anyone or a sign that indicated Euroferries ?

    Great colours in the photo, a bit of the calm after the storm.

  2. Roger the Cabin BoyNovember 19, 2009 7:21 pm

    They are def not for Eurof*****s. The booths needed replacing anyway.

  3. 16.07 19.21 Don’t take my word for it, click on the top link to the pictures, have a look and decide for yourselves, either it is a huge new sign and booths or it isn’t.

    Perhaps you think is photoshopped all 200 pictures taken of Ramsgate this morning and 300 of Margate this afternoon before I published them to the web just to make a few minor adjustments to what in reality is there.

  4. if you look at Adems blog and the link to google earth it seems that the panels have been there for a long time ......

    your photos do show the booths in place and very apart from the TEF normal ones, either they are changing the layout or it is fro the arrival of Eurof....

  5. 19.59 The sign looks new to me don’t know when the Google Earth picture was taken, oh yes and someone has been training the seagulls not leave their droppings on the lights on the sign, very cunning that.


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