Saturday, 21 November 2009

Morning walk and a couple of hundred pictures of Ramsgate

A few thoughts about the photographs I took this morning.

Another new shop in Ramsgate High Street Mr Bankrupt, some would say that trading under a name like that is asking for trouble.

Another new shop in Queen Street, Baltic Branch, the shop sign appears to be in several languages including Russian and Lithuanian so I am a bit vague about what they sell.

I went down to port Ramsgate to find out if anything that had happened down there re Euroferries, the girl on the Transeuropa desk said nothing they knew of, apparently the new booths are theirs.

The pictures of model ships were taken in the sailor’s church.

They don’t appear to have used external ply for the Pleasurama hoardings, which are already delaminating and in some places they don’t seem to have used external paint either in some places, no real surprises there.

Someone has broken a gap in the hoardings, something that is handy from my point of view as the council are disputing my assertion that there are no foundations to parts of the cliff façade and I need to get in there and take some more pictures.

Click on the links below for the pictures, I will try and at least rotate the ones that are on their sides in the fullness of time.


  1. Thankyou for your pictorial efforts...Ramsgate is a fascinating place.

  2. 11.40 I am surprised more people don’t seem to do this, from the responses that I get, particularly from people who can’t for one reason or another walk around here themselves is considerable, and as publishing them is an automated process it doesn’t take much of my time at all.

  3. Wow! I don't think Saint-Tropez has much to worry about.

  4. I for one thank you Michael its like going on the walk yourself, Cheers. Don


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