Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Ramsgate Royal Sands Development and The Freedom of Information Act

This is by way of an update on some of my progress so far, I have to say that I am as much baffled by the way the council is prepared to waste so much time trying to dodge the issue as anything.

This link takes you to my latest correspondence about the dangerous cliff http://www.michaelsbookshop.com/foi/id14.htm I have redacted the officers name, partly as I am uncertain if he has just been set up by more senior officers, who wish to dodge the issue.

What also totally baffles me is why they haven’t sent someone down there to put up barriers round the part of the cliff top above the part where the cliff façade is bulging, while they get it checked out by an expert.

I really don’t understand their attitude at all, it is as though they would go to any lengths even corporate manslaughter rather than say they possibly made a mistake.

Oh yes and on a more cheerful note I am starting to make a little website to link up some of the local pictures I have published online www.michaelsbookshop.com/maze I have made the web address simple so that it is easy to remember

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  1. Michael I suggest that you write to the Chief Executive TDC and state whether or not you feel the present state represents a threat to life and limb now.

    Under the Occupier Liability Acts 1957 and 84 etc the owner of a property can be held liable if a foreseeable hazard harms someone even if that is a trespasser.

    This liability extends to harm done to neighbours.

    The sensible action to expect TDC to do now is

    (1) To inspect

    (2) To leave devices in place by which the trends to movement of the cliff face can be measured and monitored.

    (Even if it is a bit of glass across the gap in the blockwork at a point)

    Instead of seeking information Michael maybe charge them with a duty under the articles of the European Convention on Human Rights which determines the council over riding duties.


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