Thursday, 5 November 2009

Euroferries update

Dear Michael: This time seems to be "more" serious.The first foto is from 3th Nov. with dim light Eurof is erased. Other (& the same cropped) from this afternoon 5th. Foto taken from 3km away, with cropping 1000 zoom eq.The work seems to be almost complete. Depart tomorrow...?? We will see. Saludos desde Tenerife. Antonio Sáez.

Ed sorry I think I may have put the pictures in upside down. Sorry again I mean in the wrong order the first shall be last and all that, we are all busy with the fireworks.


  1. Regrettably it would seem that events have overtaken these photos.

    It does suggest that the side now bare (the one previously painted in Las Palmas) hasn't been completed this evening.

    Very odd situation ....

  2. oh I see... the last is the first... so we don't know if that side is painted, nevertheless the signs are it isn't going to move North.

  3. 21.44 – 51 Antonio Sáez who is there and I, who although now am merely a shop assistant, have had some practical experience of the commissioning of vessels for sea are both of the opinion that having painted one side they have turned it round and are now painting the other. The alternative would seem to be that they have turned it round to hide the unpainted side from the Thanet blogging community, you may ask yourself which is the most likely.

  4. According to various sorces BE is not coming to Ramsgate/Boulogne, logic says they are painting the otherside, but why change its destinantion on the prot website to Los Cristianos for the 22nd November.

    The side facing the quay now is the side that was painted months ago and then covered up.

    See a post on ECR for the latest.

  5. 14.57 Could you kindly post the web addresses of any recognised official sources that say this, so I can get the Spanish translated by a person and not a machine.

    Whilst obviously I believe everything I read on the internet I was unable to find either, its destinantion on the prot website, any sources on ECRs site stating where information that BE in not coming.



  8. Anonymous said...
    Parece que el Bonanza Express quedará en Tenerife algún tiempo más. Euroferries está barajando otras posibilidades, con un nuevo barco y otro fletador.

    10:25 AM

  9. There is some time left to end the works on Bonanza,. The voyage Tenerife - Ramsgate wil take aprox only two and a half days, with stop in Vigo (or Lisbon). Saludos.


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