Thursday, 12 November 2009

Morning walk and a few pictures of Ramsgate

The first few relate to Tuesday and yesterday when I didn’t manage to get a morning walk and the rest to this morning.

Sorry that I don’t vary my route much, the first bit I didn’t have much time and the second bit was after I dropped off the children which leaves me in Hereson, pretty much with the choice of going home the pretty way or not.

As I have said before I wouldn’t normally either bother taking the pictures of publishing them to the web were it not for those who say that as they can’t get out for a walk in Ramsgate they like to look at them.

Just brushing on the technical side of this, as I have said before I use a sort of slash and burn approach to web publishing that would have the average web author foaming at the mouth.

It really does take me longer to delete the ones that are no good than to publish the whole lot, so that is what you get especially when I am doing it this way with the laptop that has a very small screen so I cant really see them properly.

The first four are of one our low flying planes, as you can see this morning’s sunrise was pretty spectacular.

Going back to the people that regularly look at them and encourage me to keep bunging them up, one of them is a well known film director who admits to looking forward to them.

I think the thing here is that once you have spent some time in Ramsgate it is just one of those places that you want to be reminded of, I know during the periods of time that I lived away from here I found myself coming back for no apparent reason, in a way that hasn’t happened to other places I have lived.

Well here are the links

Oh and a bit of an admission here I did go up to Albion House, had I arrived at the home of our town council and it been an ordinary shop in the town I would have gone in to see what they were up to, as it was the front door bell looked as if you ought to have a jolly good reason for ringing it, or else.

The last one was taken when I went to the library to try and find out more about the elusive cliff collapses, no luck this time.
Anyway at the moment you can say what you like about them as I have only seen them on screen where they are about the size of a paperback, I will have a look at them properly when I get time tomorrow with access to the large computer screen in the bookshop where I get to see the whole picture.

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