Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Royal Sands development Ramsgate and the freedom of information act.

Due to my continued exasperation, mostly with getting the council and the developer to tell us in Ramsgate what exactly is going on, I put in some freedom of information requests and an official complaint a while ago.

Now it may come as a bit of a surprise to some people but this is the first time I have made freedom of information act requests, as all of the senior council officers involved will be earning over a thousand pounds a week I don’t like to waste their time.

What really sparked it of was this email exchange.

Date: 08/09/2009


**** is it possible to have a copy of the Pleasurama development agreement obviously with anything showing financial details redacted? I am most interested to know if the safety issues were addressed in it.

Best regards Michael

Subject: Pleasurama Development
Date: 23/09/2009 13:05:33 GMT Daylight Time


Dear Mr ChildCustomer Feedback Reference Number:6136/0Thank you for your message.The documents are several hundred pages long and it would take me months to delete figures etc.. So I see no point in going to the expense of copying the agreement, which doesn't contain clauses on shoreline management (coast protection) anyway.Remember that the planning application, and decision is the key document.

With the formal response from the Environment Agency covering the subject of interest to you.

We know subsequently that (EA officer) **** produced a note from the EnvironmentAgency on what it would wish to see if the application was made 'now'. But that does not form part of the planning consent.Yours sincerely******

They are now all coming to the date by which the council has to deal with them and I am starting to receive emails from various council officers, not exactly answers to my questions, which seemed to me to be pretty straightforward.

Anyway here is the link to the little website I have written for this I have removed peoples names as this is only really about what to expect if you make a complaint or ask for a document under the freedom of information act.


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