Saturday, 7 November 2009

An “Independent” view of Ramsgate.

I have just noticed the post “Restaurant Praised, Ramsgate Rubbished in Independent” see and thought their view of Ramsgate seemed a bit warped.

Anyway I just shot down the road to pick up the some tomatoes for lunch and tried to take some pictures, not easy as there were so many people in the way, what with that and being pretty streamed up about a national paper rubbishing the town where I live they didn’t come out too well see
anyway I am off to put a pretty stiff comment on their website.

The pictures from this morning’s walk aren’t quite as bad as the previous lot see although I may yet still get the award for the world’s worst photographer for the odd one.

Making some explanation about restaurant reviews to my two eight year olds resulted in us all making our own lunch and having a competition to see who’s was best, click on the link for the pictures mine was the top one, the middle one, my youngest’s won.

Update I did manage it in the end see if you don’t mind filling in an online form, you could go along and comment that your town is not that bad.


  1. they might be shoppers but cannot see one person in your photos wearing a poppy for remembrance hence the visit to the market and charity shops to by a bargain but not to afford a couple of pence for a poppy try a photo on a normal shopping day without the market ithink you will find a lot less people

  2. 18.43 market day was Friday the picts were taken today, badly I admit. Bit early for poppies I think the locals were checking on the youf (locals) in battle tunics for possible repercussions, I bought mine from the prettiest (girl) a pound, been going on here for nearly 100 years but I didn’t have all day.


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