Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Royal Sands Development Ramsgate a few pictures and my excuses

Firstly Pleasurama I have to deal with the council officer today who has told me in writing that they will inspect the dangerous cliff behind the Pleasurama site in 2011, my ire has now cooled sufficiently I think to do it fairly.

I didn’t have much time this morning, as a parent mornings sometimes go like that, I have after over 20 years of continuous parenting a totally unphased approach to statement like, “daddy my porridge has exploded.”

So the pictures and walk was more rushed than usual, something that I need to explain here is that I spent most of my childhood disabled and unable to go for morning walks, so the reason that I keep putting these pictures up that I doubt would interest many people is just that for those who can’t http://www.michaelsbookshop.com/blogpicts11/id32.htm

There is a lot of stuff that I haven’t dealt with in the last couple of weeks due to the cliff problem and plenty of other things that should have gone on this blog, please accept my apologies if you have sent me something and I haven’t dealt with it yet.

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  1. Michael

    As you know there was an unsafe quarry edge issue brought to Thanet Council attention about the 6th Thanet Gun Range in 1995.

    The complaint to council was that unauthorized earthworks had extended the range without planning consent. And further that the work had undercut the target end quarry edge. And further that parts of the range had been extended across the surveyed border into neighbour property.

    Thanet Council did nothing. The three landowners affected under the Occupiers Liability Acts agreed a way leave for one of them to carry out corrective safety work on the quarry edge and the gun club were notified. But they turned up and fired at the JCB carrying out the lawful wayleaved corrective work agreed by the landowners.

    Police were called and it appears amongst the firers were off duty officers including armed support officers and told the landowner on his JCB he was being unreasonable their pals wanted to fire.

    Were they not firing across the boundary of their range then ? Apart from all the firearms and range offences being committed.

    What I imagine would be interesting to you Michael is the control study. How would another council handle such a matter ?

    the answer and in Kent !

    Another interesting point is that a range at Dartford was used for live fire training by International Bodyguards Assn and its fellow group International Law Enforcement Training Agency.

    I have just received a reply via my MP from the Minister of Defence that the training "Missions" such as to Belgium in 1982 by IBA CTT and ILETA had no Crown authority.

    Yet they involved serving Royal Marines and serving Police officers who attended as instructors in uniform !

    And we know that the CTT, IBA and ILETA which were all formed at Deal Royal Marines Barracks between 76 and 82, also used a Dartford range. We have quite a bit of information about what went on at Dartford.

    Ley us now reconsider what happened when I complained to the Stndards Cttee of Thanet Council and provided photos of the undercut quarry face, and the firers left of range arc firing towards the JCB. It emerged that Standards sat whilst their acting Chair Cllr Neville Hudson withheld the evidence file.

    The fact is TDC had ample opportunity, considering the amount of legal advice Peter Borley gave Hayton of PLanning and Hudson and Co of Standards, in the precedent matter of the unsafe quarry edge at 6th Thanet Range and the duties and powers of the council.

    Thanet Council needs to learn a little Sunday School lesson. Be sure your sins will find you out.


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