Wednesday, 18 November 2009

A O Hell and a few pictures from Sunday morning.

The damage to the bus shelter was the only wind damage that I noticed.

I have been trying to find a way to get the AOL program off of our computers and still retain the way it manages email, at the moment I am using Emailchemy in conjunction with Thunderbird, despite yelling “Thunderbirds are go” every time I send an email I haven’t quite mastered it.

If you have sent me an email in the last few days and haven’t had a reply yet, please forgive me, I now have two inboxes one says it has 647 emails in it the other says it has 33 in it but this is obviously wrong as there are obviously hundreds in that too.

If you have received an email from me containing lots of html code that you can see I apologise also.

Nothing exciting here just what was in the camera, see it as a little break between Pleasurama grrrr, the ferry still on I am told, the maritime museum still waiting while TDC forms yet another committee to delay giving them security of tenure so they can get their grants (nearly put my foot through the floor of the museum office the other day), I won’t go on as no doubt there will be more soon.

The ominous crack in the pavement is just behind the dodgy cliff wall that is at the back of the houses in Kent Terrace.

There were really a lot of people about for such a windy day including some surfing next to the harbour wall, something that looked a bit dangerous to me. The bottom two pictures are detail from the high definition originals, too lazy to screw on a telephoto lens I am afraid, mind you it was a bit windy which would have meant even more bits in the camera.

The trouble with AOL is they only give the option of running their huge program, it’s covered in animated adverts and you can’t stop it from running in the background even when you aren’t using it.

Old computers and small ones like notebooks just can’t manage it and the message; waol exe has encountered a problem becomes an hourly occurrence, that said the reliability of their broadband connection is excellent.

Here is the link to the pictures sorry they are a bit repetitious.

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  1. Albion house gone probably the maritime museum next. Anything to stop David Green et al having somewhere to rest their weary legs.


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