Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Royal Sands Development Ramsgate minor update

I had some sort of response from TDC to some of my requests and complaints relating to this ongoing saga, I have removed the surnames of the council officers involved and would appreciate it if anyone commenting could follow the same approach.

Here is the link to the response and my reply to it http://www.michaelsbookshop.com/foi/id16.htm sorry I haven’t had time for anything else today, as the bookshop has been busy.


  1. Why will anyone never admit to a mistake anymore or a problem? Are they so busy worrying about the National Audit Office's tick boxes for 'performance management indicators' that they fail to grasp the nonsense in this reply to you, Michael?

    "the new work commissioned by the Council after tendering, and in anticipation of the new development was SATISFACTORILY completed with NO DEFECTS to the scheme itself reported. There has SUBSEQUENTLY been identified THE NEED TO REPLACE a non structural infill panel, which will be completed in the new year"

    How in any way can work be completed satisfactorily if replacement of some of it is then needed? TDC 'Newspeak' at its best!

  2. Ignore the content of TDC's reply for a moment. When I worked in central government this letter would not be have sent as it is written. The grammar is poor. The tenses are all over the place. This letter displays the writer's muddled thinking. I hope that the other officials at TDC are better educated.


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