Saturday, 12 December 2009

Thanet District Council’s propaganda machine goes off the wall.

Of all of the bizarre press releases I have received from TDC this one has to take the biscuit see this is a picture of the repair work that they say is due to start in the new year, it appears to have started before they released the press release.

This next picture is of the base of one of the facades support pillars resting not on the 2 metre thick foundations as I have been assured it should be, but on a pile of crumbling chalk.

Silly me thinking that I had investigated the problems with the cliff façade when the council told me that they weren’t going to until 2011 see

Oh yes here are this mornings pictures and a few from some other time that seem to have crept in somehow, loads of the Queens Head as I am doing a cover for a book on Thanet’s pubs today.


  1. Michael, well done. To have started work immediately, as a result of what they found ( press release should have been worded 'what was pointed out to us by Michael Child') implies something urgent. What of course is not mentioned, is that just having spent £1,000,000 of tax-payers money and not having supervised the work done properly, the tax-payer now has to meet the cost of further work?

  2. Well done Michael.

    If you continue to photograph this dangerous cliff face and thereby highlight TDC misdeeds; then I expect they will consider you as a target for a Sect 44. You know how precious and self regarding TDC can be. Frankly, I blame their officials.

  3. I have long failed to understand how an organisation the size of TDC can continue so long without an awareness that the feedback the command centre gets and the commands it issues are at best an approximation of what is actually happening. In fact if TDC were a person we'd probably give them DLA and a full time nurse.

  4. Bertie what worries me is that this will be more of a cover up of the defects than getting the whole thing to a standard suitable for building a large residential development 4metres away from it.

    JH I have had a few bizarre run-ins with government agencies, but think my card may be marked now so that they have decided to avoid confrontation.

    Matt I believe it is more surgery that would be required.


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