Monday, 18 October 2010

Alidade Gardens Liverpool Lawn planning appeal granted

This link takes you to the planning inspectors decision in full

Here are some before and after pictures to give you some idea of what the development will be like.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them.
The application number is F/TH/09/0915 if you go to the council’s planning website and stick it in the application ref search box you can view the plans.

Below is a quote from the planning inspector that has a lot to say about the power of unelected quangos.
“I would clarify that the Council’s officers clearly recommended approval of the scheme and that elected Members overturned the recommendation. Concerns about the Council’s handling of the applications are beyond my remit as is making observations on an alternative sketch plan showing less dwellings and dedicated parking and amenity spaces. Having taken account of all relevant written representations on file and having taken into account the reasons for refusal, the issues raised in these cases do not require me to hear a discussion or ask questions; the written procedure is adequate to determine these cases.”


  1. Ah, the planning dictatorship at Bristol reigns supreme and we pay/sustain this QUANGO...what a joke!!!!

    Hopefully this is one of the QUANGO's for the chop but I doubt it.

    The real Malcolm

  2. I can't believe anyone would object to this!

    Why don't they take down those ugly blue flats behind and let people park there?

  3. Personally I can't see anything wrong with this development, but this episode begs the question "why do we bother to elect representatives?"

    Yet again the establishment overrules the electorate.

  4. I have mixed feelings about this development. On the downside, it gives quite a high density development with no parking and it will block the views from houses in Adelaide Gardens - on the other hand the building does look like quite a good design and replaces what is currently rather an untidy plot of land.

    There was always a high chance that this might be overturned on appeal, as the planning committee had overruled the views of their own planning department. It's best for the planning committee to give a very strong planning justification for their decision if they do this.

    Planning committees are quasi-judicial bodies. If there was no planning inspectorate, then the decisions could ultimately still be challenged by judicial review.

  5. So, this is me being stupid here, but are they appealing against the refusal of permission? Does this mean that there is still a chance they could go ahead?

  6. Yes. It means the Council Planning Committee's decision to reject planning permission has been overturned. Personally, I think it looks a lot better than what's there at present, but I think the Planning Committee should be entitled to reject it if parking space is insufficient. It's already a nightmare trying to park in that area.

  7. 17.18 knocking peoples homes down because they were architecturally seems unlikely to happen.

    Gerald sorry I forgot to mention it was you that sent me the info, difficult day yesterday.

    Thanks for the insight, is this what happened before the planning inspectorate?

    Responding to the rest of the comments, I think the point here is that for whatever reason some people who live in this part of Ramsgate objected to the this development, the town council supported the objection, the district councillors did too. It does all make one wonder about the relevance of local democracy.

  8. Evidently diktat is the remit for a certain Bristol QUANGO and of course it is not democratically elected.

    Quangos-the real benefit fraudsters.

  9. Parking was bad around there twenty years ago so now it must be a nightmare. To drop a further few houses with two or three cars plus visitors cars would be unbearable but then the panning office dont have to live there do they.


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