Friday, 19 April 2013

About half a sketch from The Belgian Café in Ramsgate and about half a song

I ran out of time, children wait for no man.

What to say about the council meeting? I guess Pleasurama is a mess made by both political groups and the officers so there isn’t much they can say. Perhaps some sort of political blame game is the only answer.

How one can arrive at a situation where the two major lumps behind Ramsgate’s main sands, Pleasurama and the Royal Victoria Pavillion are both derelict, council owned and deserted defies anything I can think of.

Why the council meeting recording wasn’t live streamed onto YouTube at no cost to the taxpayer, instead of going through the expensive process of officer editing and putting up week late on an expensive server, in an unwatchable format, well I have the correspondence from the council and have posted about this before.

From outside our district council appears to be pretty much dysfunctional. It is certainly apparent why they would't want it filmed by a member of the electorate, I wonder if the council's own film will ever appear.



  1. Michael, A political blame game is not the answer. This matter must be put in the hands of an independent investigator to provide an unbiased and independent report. Scrutiny will be a waste of even more resources and as you say, both parties and the officers are not beyond criticism and could not possibly report impartially.

  2. Michael, A political blame game is not the answer. Both Royal Sands and the Pavilion must be put in the hands of an independent investigator to provide an unbiased report. Scrutiny will be a waste of even more resources and a repeat of last night. As you say, both parties and the officers are not beyond criticism and could not possibly report impartially.

    1. Paul I suppose the problem there is, who would the independent investigator be, I have previously been down the LGO road twice with the Pleasurama issue.

      The results of these actions took me part of the way to getting the cliff condition reports and the EA’s stance on the flood risk into the public domain.

      However if you think the LGO will act as an impartial and independent investigator on your behalf, think again.

      I would say you are looking at about a year letter writing, with a minimum of results.

  3. Replies
    1. John I have to admit I am always a bit mystified as to whether your comments are supportive of Cllr Driver. "The Hamilton doth protest too much, methinks."

      Obviously the key here is that when it comes to the videoing of meetings it is the council who are in the wrong and not Ian or Christine.

      The council have a simple solution which is to plug their microphone and video into a computer and live stream the result via youtube and yes sometimes their equipment will fail, when it does both those in the council and those viewing online will be aware of the failure.

    2. Clearly not Michael. Tongue was told she couldn;t be filmed, and is as far from an accredited journalist as it's possible to be, and Driver simple engineered his removal, as he admited beforehand on facebook.

      Seems the council did as little wrong as I do when I post, but that doesn't stop you leaping to drivers defence does it.

      The councils competance in relation to recording their meeting has no bearing whatsoever on Driver's laughable publicity stunts.

      How well did he assist the pleasurama debate once he was removed from the meeting, and his own committee I wonder...

  4. The antics of Christine Tongue make the case for not permitting members of the public to film Council Meetings. She is out to make mischief regardless of the truth. Her and her ilk would serve us badly.

    It falls to TDC to produce their own unedited version, or better to transmit it live in decent quality, as does Parliament. This raises the question of would I approve of the expense? My answer is a resounding, "Yes".

  5. John Hamilton 2:27 am,

    This was a win - win opportunity for Ms Tongue and her Red Hall Massive. She either got to make her carefully edited propaganda film, or be martyred by being slung out of the meeting. A full account appears in Pravda [Thanet Watch].

  6. Nice drawing if you are a five year old

  7. Couldn;t agree more John Holyer, and it seems Michael is more than willing to assist her and Driver in promoting thier publicity stunts.


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