Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The Royal Sands on the Pleasurama site developer investigated by Advertising Standards Agency.

This has been reported by the BBC see

I will add to this post in a few mins if I get time.

A bit of a strange one this, SFP Ventures UK is the dormant company set up in 2006 after complaints that SFP Ventures Partners Limited were a British Virgin Islands company.

A bit of a chequered history here, it was SFP Ventures Partners Limited who initially tendered for the development on the Pleasurama site, claming in their presentation to the council that they were the investment arm of a Swiss bank.

After the council chose them as their preferred developer, it transpired that they weren’t part of a Swiss bank, but were an offshore company based in The British Virgin Islands.

SFP Ventures UK seems to have been a dormant company since it was formed, so they may have a bit of difficulty persuading the Advertising Standards Agency otherwise.

This could be difficult for them as I believe the BBC previously did a story about miss-selling of the apartments. 

In order to understand roughly how BVI companies work here is a link to a firm that will set one up for you

Basically provided they don’t do any business with BVI residents they are subject to virtually no regulation.  


  1. Sadly Michael, once again you seem to overreach yourself. The actual FACTS are that SFP Ventures UK is a company of people with wide experience of relevant developments, but not when working for SFP Ventures UK.

    Accuracy is inportant when pendantry is the driving force.

    1. John Hamilton 5:08 am,

      In which case I think it reasonable that these people should be named and their claims of previous experience tested. Would that be fair?

    2. what facts Mr Hamilton would you care to share. or is this just BS

    3. John we are talking about a UK company here, there accounts and directors and the other companies with joint directorships are all in the public domain, so anything supportive of an assertion that they had directors who were involved in actual development companies who had produced developments in the UK, or that they had an experienced staff and associated wages bill would be evident.

      Or perhaps by relevant developments, you mean ones similar to The Royal Sands i.e. they have resulted in deserted building sites.

      Or perhaps you are referring to the various contractors who it has been claimed at different times in the past were going to complete the development, Featherstone Construction Ltd, Knight Developments and Robert Leonard Group Plc.

      Possibly the architects PRC who produced seven sets of plans that I know of including the ones with people’s heads embedded in the ceilings where they had tried to reduce the height.

      My understand is that all of these companies are no longer involved.

      Perhaps you mean the current contractor, who abandoned the site in the middle of the slab support stage, leaving exposed reinforcing rods in salt spray.

      For my part I asked the council officers if they held any evidence that the developer had ever developed anything, and I have the officers written reply saying that they didn’t.

      Perhaps you are talking secret developers here, perhaps they are still claiming to be part of a bank, or perhaps your comment was tongue in cheek and meant to give us all a chuckle.

      Sad to say it would have done, but for the economic damage to Ramsgate the developer is inflicting.

    4. In fairness, over Margate way a developer abandoned the old Norfolk Hotel site with it still piled high in demolition rubble whilst the Sea Bathing conversion was abandoned, cranes left rusting and residents already in situ deserted on a half finished building site. It is called recession with developers running out of money, banks not lending and projected units not selling at a fast enough rate to support cash flow predictions.

      The same thing has happened all around the country, but Pleasurama has to be different in the eyes of the Thanet protest fraternity. Here it has to be all kinds of nasty sneaky deals with totally unknown rich barstewards in some distance sunny island and a whole hobble of cross party councillors in collusion with bent officers to hide the truth that, like so many other developments, Pleasurama ground to a halt.

      Maybe it was Gordon Brown's fault though my money is on the usual Thanet negativity.

    5. Except Pleasurama is a BVI tax haven company. Plus a Godden fire. Plus council changes to the development etc etc.

      It looks exactly like dodgy businessmen, corrupt councillors and bent civil servants.

      All that's happening now is damage limitation and trying to cover up the problem to avoid losing elections, pensions and jail.

      Painter and Bayford know more than they're letting on. So do Hart and Latchford.

    6. The FACTS that the ASA choose to accept James, I look forward to your first posting of evidence that proves the bullshit that you claim as fact, surely you have some, or do you simply make accusations you can't subtanciate yet again. Your really are simply a worthless pedant James, but VERY funny!

      Palmer, as it is the likes of clowns such as James making the claims, it is for them to prove them, clearly he can't, he just has accusations that don't enjoy the slightest breath of proof. Not sure why the guiness book of records is relevant you seem to be trying to make a juvenile point, but if James evet manages to post a fact, or any proof, I would certainly LOVE to see it, though not holding my breath.

    7. Michael, can you either persuade John Hamilton to act a little more civil or ban him? I know I'm not the only one who feels bullied and intimidated.

    8. Oh bless, Anon 9:46, did the nasty man upset you. I am one of the ones who does not feel bullied by John Hamilton and would question the value of any debate where those whose opinions we do not agree with were banned. The day Michael starts banning the likes of John Hamilton is the day I, and I suspect others, also drop out.

    9. Maybe I'd have sympathy for you Anon if you weren;t anon. Perhaps post something of value?

      Thank you Anon 10:14. I simply post what is clearly fact, backed by my opinions based on those facts. I am attacked by many on a regular basis, yet have never felt bullied or intimidated, how could I, this is the internet, and I even use my real name!!

  2. When Mr Hamilton produces a fact I will report it as a first to the Guinness Book of Records.

    1. Homer P. Judd JnrApril 11, 2013 11:18 am

      Having no particular axe to grind either way, not living in Ramsgate, I do, nonetheless, find this debate highly amusing. On the one hand a group of people speculate endlessly about all sorts of unconfirmed rumours relating to the developers whilst, on the other, up pops John Hamilton pouring scorn on their allegations, only to be accused of having no facts. Actually neither side has any real facts and the stuff on Ian Driver's electioneering site is pure comedy. Someone complains to Advertising Standards and Driver announces they are taking the complaint seriously.

      Have I missed something here, but isn't taking complainsts seriously and looking into them what they are supposed to do. It is not proof the complaint is justified, just that one has been made.

      Perhaps, Mr Palmer, you should amend your last statement to the effect that when anyone actually states a fact, rather than unsubstantiated scaremongering, you will report it to the Guiness Book of Records.

    2. Homer. Well made point. Speculating endlessly though is rather the consequence of the site endlessly remaining just that. A site. To enjoy Thanet blogs, which is now a spectator sport, there are different rules. Whereas on non-Thanet sites the signal for below the belt comment is the mention of Hitler. Thanet's equivalent is mentioning "Courtesy of Cyril".

      The Pleasurama fiasco began in 2002. It is an unwritten rule of Thanet blogging that is the furthest point back in history bloggers should go. The kick off point of the latest fiasco.

      One heinous individual went back four years more than the limit and mentioned a 1998 libel case. Fury resulted.

      Recently one blogger must have written that Thanet tories once had a member who had a conviction for creating cartoons depicting Auschitz as a Belsen for Jews.

      The cry went up. "Facts !!! Give us the name"

      And the fellow answered with the name. Completely at odds with the tradition of Thanet blogging. He published a fact.

      I am not living in Thanet either. But Thanet blog watching was recommended to me.

      A sad way to pass time in retirement but rewarded by laughter.

    3. Loved it, Lyndon, and may you have many more happy years to come. Getting a copy of Thanet Watch is also hilarious and the manokent site is a must for those who find political extremism funnier than most modern day comedians. However, if you really want a truly gut busting, belly laugh experience, visit the isle and attend a meeting in the Red Hall, especially if Ian Driver is on the panel.

    4. Another good bit of sport, Lyndon, is to criticize anonymously a J. Holyer comment. He invariably replies by saying you are aquifer man, whoever he might be!
      Try it . He will also hilariously address you as "anonymouse".

    5. Anon, aquifer man is that contributor who goes on perpetually about the polluted aquifer, uncollected airport fines, 0% salaries (whatever that means)and calls for arrests to be made. Frankly, he comes over as a bit of a twit so I would not blame JH, or anyone else for that matter, having a go at him. I would agree the 'anonymouse' label is a bit worn out now, but, in fairness to JH, at least he uses his name and we know it is him. The rest of us could be anybody even if quite a few are JW. With the latter, we are all bigots so take your pick, would you rather be 'anonymouse' or 'bigot.'

    6. I thought the forgoing comments were getting weird. Now I see. It is just one man purporting to be a group - none other than the lonely Manston Aquifer Man. The Manston Aquifer Man likes to tell you that he is positive, but really he's just wrong at the top of his voice.

    7. Told you! And that, m'lud, concludes the case for the prosecution.

    8. And you, Anon 4:00, accuse others of using worn out clichés. Dare I say, go on be brave, OK then "I REST MY CASE."

    9. anonymoose 4:00pm aka The Manston Aquifer Man,

      You are acquitting yourself in a way that no jury ever would.

    10. No John. I am the Manston Aquifer Man you are so concerned about. I did not write any of the above posts.

      The 0% salary though was when the CE and Deputy, Samuel and White, declared 0% pay rises on their c.£100k paycheques. But there were pay rises esitmated at 15%. The meeting was chaired by Moores and approved by McGonigal. Is this fraud? I think so. FOI of the salary slips will confirm it or not. Perhaps a Police caution and statement.

      A year os so later they were sacked and the payoffs were very, very large - anyone know how much?

      The Manston aquifer is - as you know but deny - polluted by Infratil etc, as it's under the runway and detailed by the Environment Agency etc. Your childish insults put you in the Foxtrot Oscar Brigade.

      The Manston Aquifer Man

    11. The FACTS that the ASA choose to accept James, I look forward to your first posting of evidence that proves the bullshit that you claim as fact, surely you have some, or do you simply make accusations you can't subtanciate yet again. Your really are simply a worthless pedant James, but VERY funny!

      Palmer, as it is the likes of clowns such as James making the claims, it is for them to prove them, clearly he can't, he just has accusations that don't enjoy the slightest breath of proof. Not sure why the guiness book of records is relevant you seem to be trying to make a juvenile point, but if James evet manages to post a fact, or any proof, I would certainly LOVE to see it, though not holding my breath.

    12. anonymouse 8:29 pm aka The Manston Aquifer Man,

      I am satisfied that you frequently post under several identities in order to create the false impression that you are a member of a group.

      You like to tell me you that you are positive, but really you're just wrong at the top of your voice.

  3. So their web site now says they are "with staff" with experience of such projects. It does not say they employ contractors or consultants with the experience they claimed. In which case one wonders how they have been paying such staff and recording it in their accounts?
    By the way this is the same web site that also claims on their FAQ page that "We are expecting the first apartments to be ready in autumn 2013.". Maybe the ASA should look at that claim too.

  4. There you go Homer Man of Kent has kept the ball in play. Watch out for the one we dub "TOP Cat TC". We imagine him as living in a top of the range Broadstairs dustbin. Popping up the lid every so often "It's blog time". He hints at his own meritorious police and military past. Then he expects his readers to infer that his accumulated (but unspecified)wisdom has some relevance to the uninformed issue under discussion. Then he will announce, on the basis of no facts, that the latest subject of his venom has no facts.

    Once TC did venture into sufficient detail to reveal that his political experience extends to delivering leaflets.

    1. What exactly is your experience to lend substance or qualification to your opinions, Lyndon? How many bloggers, other than those with bullshitting write ups on the own blogsites, actually tell us anything about themselves. Mainly, one observes more assumption like John Holyer supports Manston because he did his national service in the RAF or Allan Mallinson, who, as far as I can see, has laid no claim to any expertise, is a military writer and not on the Kent electoral roll. Like wow!

    2. anonymous 12:11 pm,

      Just for the record, I was too young for National Service. I spent a few years in the RAF; but this is not the reason I support Manston as an airport, albeit that some may find this a concept difficult to grasp.

  5. Having given this some thought, we could be dealing with the other Cardys here:

    Cardy Developments Limited is an Active, non trading business incorporated in England & Wales on 16th October 2008. Their business activity is recorded as Buying And Selling Of Own Real Estate. Cardy Developments Limited is run by 1 current members. 1 shareholders own the total shares within the company. It is not part of a group.

    The latest Annual Accounts submitted to Companies House for the year up to 31/10/2012 reported 'cash at bank' of £0, 'liabilities' worth £0, 'net worth' of £0 and 'assets' worth £0. Cardy Developments Limited's risk score was amended on 26/04/2010.

    Current directors and secretaries

    Mr Shaun Patrick Keegan

    1. That's it then, time to call in Hercule Poirot or maybe Ian Driver. I shall now giggle out of control for the rest of the day.

    2. I wonder where the name Cardy originates?

    3. Cardy Construction are the last and possibly current contractor.

      Cardy Developments Ltd was dissolved (reg No NI050796) in 2011

      Cardy Developments Ltd (reg No 06726001) was originally incorporated as Future Homes On-Line Properties Ltd" in 2008 but renamed to "Cardy Developments Ltd" only on the 4th of April this year.

      Future Homes On-Line Properties Ltd" had Shaun Patrick Keegan as director, when I checked out his other directorships several years ago.

      Shaun Patrick Keegan is a director of SFP.

      Cardy Construction – who are a reputable local developer with a good track record and a history of employing local people - also promised a £1.5m investment in The Royal Sands 2009 documents and it appears this was the main reason that the 2009 cabinet decided to ignore council officer advice and terminate the agreement with SFP.

    4. Thanks Michael. So in whose name then is the 199 year lease on the pleasurama site made out to?

    5. Well I guess you are busy then Michael? An educated guess would be that the new Cardy Developments Ltd (as above) will hold the 199 year lease for Pleasurama, which would be Shaun Patrick Keegan again?

      Well, thats ok. But I think we need to exercise our rights here as Ramsgate People under the Localism Act to take over the Freehold of Pleasurama. Mr keegan can negotiate with us then.

      Surely the transfer of communtiy assets is something Thanet District Council should be helping us all with? This was the hot topic of The Thanet Compact I was involved with a couple of years ago, and then councillors wound the reference group up without telling us?

    6. How quaintly naive you are, Solo Gays. Why would you think TDC would want to help us with anything? It is, after all, the air of secrecy and importance that elevates the very ordinary Hart above us so that we show due deference in his, the leader's, presence. If there were no secrets, known only to the exalted few, and we really knew what a total dog's breakfast they are making of governing Thanet, all their prestige and VIP egos would be shattered. Worse still, the present cabinet would be back to having to live on their assortment of disability benefits and state pensions and the boy king (or should that be mayor) would have to get a proper job.

    7. I know what you mean now 3.10. I am just a woman alone of no importance.

      I have just had an email come through from Dr Sue Mcgonical about this Equality and Diversity Survey, inviting me to forward it to my miserable little contacts list. You've put me off now, I shan't bother.

    8. SG agreements with SFP UK see

    9. Michael, Just checked out clause 2:1 of the september 2009 Deed of Variation. Made me laugh that this deed provided for an additional third way to finance the development ie. in addition to finance being acceptable from a reputable bank or financial Instituton; funding via an"individual" has been added as acceptable.

      If the lessee acquired the freehold and wished to sell on, then I am sure it must be standard practice to put a lean on the freehold to share the profits with the local authority/community?

    10. Well spotted on Keegan and Cardy Michael. Very strange to have the same company as the builder.

  6. I've lived in Thanet for 30 years and I've see the area's decline. This decline has been exacerbated by TDC's appalling record on regeneration. Millions have been spent to no avail: e.g. port access road, Westwood, Pleasurama, Manston, Dreamland, Turner Centre. Throughout all of these campaigns I have never come across John Hamilton. Yet, all of a sudden he pops up on the internet purporting to be an expert on just about everything. Is John Hamilton a real person? If so, does he live in Thanet and what is his background?

    One thing I have learned is that whenever there is a campaign against something, there is a counter-campaign in favour of it. The main difference is that the counter-campaigners try to hide their identities by using fake identities or by using other people's names. The worst example of this was during the Manston airport campaign when a regular contributor to a local paper was shown not to exist.

    I must confess, my suspicions are raised when I look through this blog and see the large number of, quite obviously, fake identities comenting on local issues. Thanet isn't a big place and, if you are heavily involved in local issues you tend to know all of the people who are working on the same thing. If you see a name you've never heard of commenting on something you know a lot about there's a good chance it's part of an organised counter-campaign.

    1. good question however bloggers seem not to want to meet up and discuss. my offer still stands the facts are in the file anyone who wants to see it need only make an effort. might even buy a drink. that even goes for JH assuming he really exists

    2. Large numbers of fake identities is a bit rich coming from an anonymous. Even fake identities allow one to follow a thread but, anonymous, people like you or I could be anyone. It is not just the counter campaigners who masquerade under psuedonyms or anonymous labels so do you still want to mcast the first stone?

    3. Good point, I'd never heard of Hamilton either. Who is he? He really is just abusive to Driver and now others.

      Tom Clarke lives in Broadstairs apparently.

      John Holyer in Ramsgate I think.

      And Ren Wood, but is involved with the Tories or UKIP.

      Alan Mallinson I've never heard of but pops up on Manston.

      To be wrong is one thing. To blog repeatedly is another. To be insulting is another. To do them all just destroys this blog and debate.

      They mainly seem frustrated that they can provide no reason to justify Manston and now Pleasurama.

      To their credit they post under their names. They are foolish though.

    4. Surely the reason to justify Manston is that a successful regional airport would create jobs and bring businesses into the area. The debate is over whether that can be achieved or not and no one side has a monopoly of right on the issue.

      Pleasurama is beyond justification, but some, not unreasonably, question all the allegations made largely without real evidence. Frankly, I think everybody wants this saga brought to some successful conclusion for Ramsgate, the differences are on how to go about it. Perpetually suggesting naughty dealings does not help reach the goal.

      Quite how,8:40, you can brand a whole host of fellow bloggers as foolish escapes me and, perhaps, says more about you than them.

    5. Of course 9:03, but every piece of evidence on Manston says it will not create the jobs. And in terms of the pollution and cancer this has largely been ignored - and deliberately covered over with removal of the air monitors by Infratil and TDC. That's a crime.

      While KCC's funding now via Visit Kent raises issues of the best use of public monies.

      On Pleasurama you say that it is beyond justification then that corruption isn't valid. The foolish ones are those routinely blogging to abuse and known as the Foxtrot oscar brigade. Calling them foolish seems apt and your comments seem pointless given my responses but do prove otherwise. Don't forget ChinaGaste and the Labour £25k bung or 0% salaries if you think TDC doesn't operate on corruption often.

    6. anon 8:40 pm

      Whereas you are a craven nonentity.

      Your say, "I think". This is a contradiction in terms.

    7. Anon 7:34, I have been in and around Thanet groups on FB for probably 3 years now, the blogs, only the last few weeks having taken the plunge only in the last few weeks with Michaels assistance. I live in Thanet, and as for my background, none of your buisness, suffice to say I clearly have more experience in many areas than your naive daubings suggest is true in your case.

      Driver is simply a joke, and it seems he has sadly managed to co-opt FORS as it's leaders were simply well meaing simpletons who were easily manipulated.

      For the record, on other local issues,

      Manston should be developed without delay

      Arlington Tesco's should be given permission without further delay from the nimbys
      The development at Pleasurearma shoudl go ahead immediately, but the freehold retained until completion

      Westgate Tesco should be shleved

      John Hamilton is my real name, when Anon publishes under their real names names, I MIGHT be impressed, till them, sadly they are simply whining bitches ;-)

      James, why meet you, you are clearly a clueless dimwit with nothing to offer, and my time is to important to waste meeting with worthless pedants.

    8. "James, why meet you, you are clearly a clueless dimwit with nothing to offer, and my time is to important to waste meeting with worthless pedants."

      The offer was made as I dont have the facility to publish on Michael's blog. Clearly you dont want to see my file despite your assertion you want to see evidence which is contradictory. However it matters little as others have taken up the offer.
      I do find myself confused however as I thought you enjoyed baiting the 950 people on Friends of Ramsgate Seafront facebook page which you seem to have left. what made you leave I thought you were enjoying yourself on there Mr. Hamilton. did you get bored or something!!

    9. Why are Holyer and Hamilton so thoroughly unpleasant. Their namecalling is tedious. Hamilton's stupid views should be contained to his unpleasant blog and his name and address would help Cllr Driver sue his arse off. Criticism is one thing but not this bile.

      At least elderly ladyboy Holyer is looking younger in his photo though. It suits him/her.

    10. anonymouse 9:14 pm,

      I thought that profile photo would lure you in. You are so predictable. You are a lonely old man. You walk down lovers' lane holding your own hand.

  7. If a poster is saying something interesting it matters not a jot whether they are anonymous or not. I have no objection to people who wish to remain anonymous. I do object to people who use fake identities. It's called fraud.

    1. anon 9:15 pm,

      How gracious of you not to object to those who wish to remain anonymous. Which includes you, and I wonder why, what do you have to hide?

      No - a fake identity is not fraud unless it used with criminal intent, most authors throughout history have used a pen name, you clown.

    2. Mike Pearce seems to have invited a plague upon us?


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